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  • More of a technique question...

    ...but there was no dryer related "techniques" category.

    I wonder, sometimes... the time I take to towel dry a dog, especially with my bad back and having to lean in and put pressure on the towel and twist and ache while I do it... can I maybe knock as much dripping water off the dog in the same amount of time... ie. 5 minutes of towel drying vs 5 minutes of HV from start to finish, Who REALLY is further along? HV certainly is easier on my back. When I'm having a bad day (or a really achy 33 weeks pregnant time. I'll start straight on with the HV rather than the towel (do a quick all over "knock off" the drippy water) then start drying like I usually would post-toweling. (I'll still wrap a towel around the belly and neck while blow drying the legs, haunches, furnishings, chest then when I remove them, it has done the work for me and the whole back/belly and neck takes a minimal amount of time.


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    A lot of time I do the same thing. If I'm very busy I'll bathe a few in a row and wrap them in a few towels and let them sit and have the towels do as much of the work as possible. Thanks for the tip.
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      I use a towel only to carry dog from tub to drying table. When I too busy I just start Drying with HV and use small towel to catch spray.


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        No contest!

        Hmmmm, towel dry vs. HV - Well, I would say that in 60-90 seconds I could HV as much as you could with 5 minutes of towel drying.

        For goodness sake, make it as easy as possible on yourself!! No back-achy stuff allowed!! (Or at least minimize it.)


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          Drying made easier!

          You might want to read the blog on "Drying" that Parti wrote last Feb. (Grooming Smarter by Debbie ) She covers all of the basics with great info and reasoning.



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            I ALWAYS towel dry. I think it makes a big difference. The dogs dry faster, and the room doesn't get as humid because you soak up the water with a towel rather than spray it all over the room with the HV. I can sit there and towel dry a double coated dog for about 2 min, and then put it in a kennel with a fan on it and about 2 hours later the dog is pretty much dry. There may be a little dampness around the ears or feet or whatever, but the dog is usually about 97% dry. My co-worker doesn't towel dry, she doesn't even white the excess water off with her hands after bathing. She just goes straight for the HV while the dog is dripping wet. She will HV for about 5 min on a double coated dog and then put it in a kennel with a fan and 2 hours later the dog is still pretty wet.
            If towel drying hurts your back, then do what works best for you. I swear by towel saves so much time and it helps keep the humidity down so the dogs dry faster.


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              I never towel dry. They get HV'd in the tub right after the water gets shut off.