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  • Thanks Chuck

    Got my heavy duty groomers helper arm and clamp and now I'm not sure how I lived with out it. So happy just wanted to share.
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    I have had one for years.. I just use the grooming loop and tether.. I hesitantly bought it at a Houston show.. that was at least 7 years ago.. I have never regretted it.. EXCELLENT product.. Thank you! Thank you!


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      I keep seeing those clamps & arms and feel like I need to have them! I might pick one up at Canada grooms if it's in the budget... crossing my fingers it is. I'm so tired of grooming arms looking like they're gonna bend in half when you get an over exuberant large dog on your table.


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        I've had that arm and clamp for about a year and I ABSOLUTELY love how strong and durable it is. I talk about a lot of my other stuff that, but I totally take it for granted because it just does the job. I never have to think about it. With my old arm I was constantly having to tighten it, the big dogs could bend it AND I've had the arm fall and bonk dogs in the head. None of that happens anymore.
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          This is good to read because I just ordered the arm & clamp yesterday. I also bought the professional groomers helper


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            one day

            I would love to have a groomer's helper and all the accessories... but everytime I have some extra money, I end up having to buy something else that's more necessary.... like my clippers need replacing, or a dryer needs to be fixed, or replaced... etc.

            My next purchase is going to have to be a new force dryer, for my housecall business, and the deal I have with the people who bought my salon, is they get three of four dryers... i'm taking the one master blaster because it's pretty much brand new, but it's not practicle for little dogs.


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              i didnt realise just how good the heavy duty arm & clamp are until i have had other groomers visit me and go wow over it ! . I love the fact that attached to a steel table top , i just dont ever have to worry about who i hook up. I know its got me covered!

              Money well spent