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HV Dryer & Stand for BRT & Newfies

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  • HV Dryer & Stand for BRT & Newfies

    I was hoping someone could share their opinions with me regarding high quality hv dryers & stands for my BRT and Newfie.

    My dryer problem really lies more with finding one for my BRT as their double more curly coat needs to shed water quickly when being dried and it also needs to be straightened to get a good show cut too. A master BRT groomer that I visited used, I believe, a K-9 dryer to do this, but it was one speed and SUPER loud for the pup (bad experience!). She also recommends the Metro Vac AIr Force Blaster Dryer in her grooming manual. Wanting to show and breed (will need to train new pups), wondering what your thoughts are for finding the best hv dryer for my BRT needs? I think a powerful and more quiet variable speed motor would be awesome. Don't mind spending extra money, but wanting a solid until that will last years. Also any ideas on a stand? The BRT's are about the same height as a Newf only a little lighter framed...not as placid. Thanks for any help you can give me!!! =D