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Prima vs Hydrosurge Pro?

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  • Prima vs Hydrosurge Pro?

    Which machine does everyone prefer?? They are both pretty expensive....I've used the Prima in school. At the moment have two tubs to use it at....

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    Ive tried

    both and I find myself still going back to the hydro surge they just feel cleaner to me and the ease of being able to use diff shampoos if needed with out having to change the water in the prima (or doing by hand). Good luck to you


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      Ick I HATE old shop had one and it sat gathering dust. Client after client complained about their dog not being clean and the shampoos are not that high quality in my opinion. (The only one I even remotely liked was Apricot Sulfur, but I prefer not to use sulfur at all...rather use Eqyss Micro Tek)

      OTOH, I long to have a Prima again. I use B3 mostly as my primary shampoo so I wouldn't need to change it out over and over again. It also comes with another hose thingy that you can stick in a premixed gallon if you don't want to use what's in the machine.

      So yeah...Prima. All the way!
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