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Which Electric Table and Model Would You Buy ? ? ? ??

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  • Which Electric Table and Model Would You Buy ? ? ? ??

    My next major purchase this year will be an electric grooming table. There are a few companies out there - I believe edemco seems to be the major player. Anybody like them/love them/hate them or are there other companies to consider? What models did you like?

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    re: tables

    I do not care for Edemco. They have poor customer service and you are buying the name. We have 2 tables from petedge (petedge brand). They are 5 years old and still work great and look good. We bought an Edemco hydrolic table at Petquest last year, along with a dryer and a tub. Very dissapointed in all 3. returned dryer b/c it broke twice in a month. Tub rusted out in 3 months(got partial refund) We kept the table because we did not want to pay shipping to return. I will never buy Edemco again. I too thought it was good quality, but so wrong. Ryans and Petedge have their own brands that are just as nice and value priced and last for years. Take a look


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      Best Electric Table?

      Ultra Lift!


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        I've had a Hanvey table for the last four years and it's always worked great.


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          I agree with Ultra Lift


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            We've got an edemco, a shor-line, and an ultra lift in my family's business.

            The ultra-lift is very nice for getting heavy dogs up on the table -- our other groomer adores it.

            My mom's favorite is edemco. I have used them in the competition ring, and they are nice.

            BUT, I LOVE my Shor-line. It's the same one I learned to groom on six years ago We've re-finished the table surface. But, other than that, it's still as good as the day they bought it. They offered to but me a new table. But, I declined... I adore my shor-line.


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              Originally posted by epilady View Post
              Ultra Lift!
              This is what I have too, with the large top, and I am SO happy to have it! And the people that manufacture them are so nice & helpful. They even dropped off my table on their way home from where I purchased it in Kentucky one year.