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Urgent--Stand dryer death! Whatever happened to that cool orange Edemco Stand Dryer??

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  • Urgent--Stand dryer death! Whatever happened to that cool orange Edemco Stand Dryer??

    My favorite 25+ year old Speedy dryer got knocked over this evening by an ever-so-sorry family member. It fell on it's motor and is declared DEAD! I knew this day would eventually come and I had casually looked at a really cool looking orange stand dryer at the Edemco booth at Groom Expo in Hershey. I can't find it on their website and was wondering if anyone had any info about this dryer, or if you have a finish dryer that you LOVE and would recommend.


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    it's like losing a family member...

    25 years is a long relationship... even if it's with a dryer. but change can be good. Just remember that no matter what dryer you choose.... they don't make them like they used to...


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      buy anouther speedy dryer or call them and get a new motor
      i got mine in 1974 replaced the motor in1987 got an upgraded motor and here in 2010 still going strong. i have used speedy stand dryers for 48 years they are great


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        My Oster stand dryer was purchased in 1987.......and still working beautifully. However since I've gone mobile, it now sits in my bathroom and drys my hair !!

        Happy Dry Heads

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          My condolences... It's hard to see a member of the family suffer. I'm with Peach, unless the case is cracked, just call speedy and get a new motor. These dryers are brutes and it takes more than a little fall on the floor to put them out of commission for long


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            Took your advice and called Speedy. Since my old dryer has a sealed motor, it probably can't be fixed. Speedy is sending me out a new one in today's UPS shipment, so I should have it TOMORROW!! I'm really excited, but I think I'll still have my hubby take a look at the old one and see if it can be saved. Thanks all.