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Hydraulic Tub from PetEdge

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  • Hydraulic Tub from PetEdge

    It's hard to find hydraulic tubs at times.

    PetEdge posted on their GroomWise Blog on March 10, 2010 their new E Lift Stainless Steel tub that raises and lowers.
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    is it

    better to get a metal tub or those fiber glass ones?


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      petedge hydraulic tub

      There's no backsplash! I would love to hear comments from people who have used this.


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        Hydraulic Tub from PetEdge

        If anyone has bought this I would love to know ho you like it. I want to remodel my washroom and have very little room and thought one of these would be great but don't want to spen 1300.00 on something that is not going to last.
        Thank you


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          Plumbing for hydraulic type tubs

          How does the plumbing work on these? I can't find specifics about drains, hoses, etc. I put an RV tub on top of a scissor lift table (just like the grooming tables) but we're puzzled about the plumbing part. Anyone know? Thanks!


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            I've had this tub for about 18 months. I work alone in a very small space, so it was the best option. I tiled the wall behind it to take the place of a backsplash - it gets a little messy with the big hairy dogs, so I sometimes put towels on either end to help with the water. The plumbing works by having a flexible tube running from the bottom of the tub to the drain - so no problems there. One of the plastic gears that lifts the tub recently wore out which was $15 to replace. The tub manual suggests raising the tub a little before putting big dogs in it to prolong the life of the gears, so I guess I should have read that. Its lucky I have a handy husband to fix that sort of stuff. Overall, its been the best choice I could have made for the price and Petedge has been very helpful in getting us the specs. and replacement part we needed. It's so much easier than getting big dogs to go up a ramp or stairs. I did have my husband add an eyebolt at the bottom corner of the tub, as I have a lot of dogs that try to jump out.