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Edemco Electric Hydraulic Issues

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  • Edemco Electric Hydraulic Issues

    I have an electric foot hydraulic lift I had to replace my regular pump hydraulic with from Edemco, basically because they did not give me another choice when my manual ones went out. Well just after a year the electric one quit working. Edemco now says that they cannot help me except make me buy another one.

    I would like to get the fairly new electric pump fixed, but have no idea who to even call to do this. Can anyone help me with this?

    I will never buy from Edemco again as they are not dependable and are very unhelpful.

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    Edemco Hydraulic/Electric foot pump

    Hey, I am in a similar boat as you. I too have been forced to purchase the electric foot motor to replace my hydraulic pump. I have yet to receive it. When I ordered it the woman said it would go out that week (week of atlanta pet fair) well I waited and waited and nothing. So I emailed twice to get a tracking number and date of shipment. No response. I called and she said she would call me back. again nothing so I called her back and she said it would be 2 weeks to ship because they were out of motors. I have contacted them with other things and experienced very slack customer service. It seems I had to drag info out of them. They said they could fix the hydraulic pump for around 100.00 plus shipping. I could only imagine how long it would take to get it back. Very unhappy with them so far.


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      This is very disappointing to hear. I am finally looking to get an electric table and was going to go with Edemco because of my experience with my stand dryer by them. It is 30-40 years old and still going strong. But with hearing this about them, I'll look elsewhere. Love this board!!!


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        aren't these the tables that sell at a discount after being used in competition? (ie; all american) I was thinking of getting one this year, makes you wonder why they donate them.


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          I have seen a lab over turn an Edemco electric table & the wheel broke off. It would have been $150 to fix it. It was welded in place.
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