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Lockable equipment cabinet for the shop?

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  • Lockable equipment cabinet for the shop?

    Hi I would like to ask everyone what they use by their table to store all of their grooming stuff in?

    At my shop we need 3 separate storage units next to each grooming table they must be lockable(or be able to have locks put on) so we can feel good about our stuff being safe.

    Since we need 3, price is an issue too. I don't think we can go over 300 each but closer to 100-200$ if we can.

    I use to work at petsmart and they had some very nice ones with two deep bottom drawers and two shallow top drawers with a nice top on them. I would love something similar to that.
    The bottom drawers could be for shampoo cologne finishing spray while the top for blades bows shears etc.

    I would like something super similar, but since price is an issue, almost anything lockable will work, but we do need to store shampoos and colognes which can be big.

    We are changing up our salon for the better and I am excited especially about these drawers so please give me some suggestions

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    I would think...

    That you could find the top portion of a rolling tool box that would work. Some stores carry no-name brands of tool boxes, maybe Walmart, or another big store that sells their own brand of tools and boxes. If you were to buy the top half of this kind of set up, you would usually end up with a large drawer, a medium drawer and 2 smaller ones.
    Sometimes you can buy the whole thing, bottom and top parts on wheels that will lock up everything for about $300, so surely you could purchase the top sections for $150 if not less than that. You can put a padlock on them if they don't come with a lock set up of their own.

    Good luck

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      Go to your local Sears store and get the homeowner grade tool box and rollaway. Look for last year's models on clearance. I have a lockable box in my van (though I am the only one who uses it).
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        We have one of these at each table:

        We got them when the go on sale of a much better price.



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          This is on my Amazon wishlist... It seems to be nice and compact...

          Price is right!



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            Thanks I like that last one


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              It depends a great deal on what you are looking for. I worked in one shop that had the rolling plastic type storage units... they cracked plus they tipped over easily. I hate to say it but the metal ones like the sears listing will last a lifetime, that is why garage mechanics use similar types.. tools are expensive! but they can look rather 'garage like' too... it is a person thing to make choices of this kind of thing.

              What I ended up doing (years ago) was to build my own... I not only worked 3 days a week at one salon, I also worked several days at another and did some in-home grooming so I needed to be very portable. I attached it to a folding rolling thing (similar to luggage rack) so, I could fold up the handles when working, pull them back up & roll on to the next.. the nicest thing about the one I made, I could paint it... any color I wanted, with my logo & all info (phone number) so I looked professional and advertised at the same time (it also hid the mistakes I made in construction...LOL)


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                I used to have that same craftman storage unit. It was awesome for grooming tools and it locks. Check out sears!


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                  check out this site

                  Take a look at or google other salon equipment.


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                    You could look at locking storage cabinets at office supply stores. They come in a variety of sizes and you can get em for under $200 easy. The drawback would be no drawers but they would be plenty big enough for multiple gallon shampoo jugs.


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                      The black one from Amazon is the same as the one from Sally's Beauty Supply. I found them on sale at Sally's for $99.00