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Homemade Cages? Where to find the doors?

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  • Homemade Cages? Where to find the doors?

    I am planning out my shop, and am on a very tight budget. I am planning on upgrading in the future, but for now was thinking about having hubby build a cage bank. He can build just about anything (I am going to be very particular about the material, probably a laminate or something that is sealed and easy to clean), but I am having trouble finding where to buy just the doors. Any suggestions?

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    You can purchase just doors from Clark Cages. Just give them a call and ask what sizes they come in. They're very helpful.


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      if you are planning on changing in the near future, you could use a interim idea. Child gates... they could be easily taken off and popped in the tub to clean, the ones made out of plastic that have a grid style would also allow you to put a cage dryer on them. Just one idea... child gates can be found at all sorts of stores, can be stretched out to meet your size needs and when you feel you have the money to upgrade you can easily use the gates elsewhere or donate them to a kids resale for a tax write off.


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        We just made a single kennel this weekend out of plywood, painted many many times. For the door we used more wood, cut a whole in the center, used wire mesh found near the landscaping stuff at lowes and trimmed it out. The wire is attached to the outside so the dogs can't get to any stray sharp edges. I was talking to someone on facebook who made a bank of cages basically the same way, and used vinyl flooring for the bottom. I don't like the latch on ours, it's just practice tho! Probly gonna use this in the house for my own dogs. It looks alot nicer than wire or my old beat up turquoise cage bank! I'll see if I can attach a pic.
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