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Prima machine? The small one...

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  • Prima machine? The small one...

    Has anyone used the smaller version of the prima machine? I'm considering getting it for my mobile for when I have the huge hairy dogs. I don't really use the one my van came with because even doing everything right it seems to use to much water and at most homes it's too hard parking the van "just right"for it.

    How does it even work? And whats the pricing like?

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    I've only used the bigger prima and I really like it. I know that the bigger one runs around $1000, but well worth it. You fill it up with water, add the shampoo, put it on mix for a minute or two and then you're ready to go. I'm not sure how big the smaller prima is, but I'll tell you this...when I get a big and hairy in that is REALLY dirty I sometimes use about 1/3 of the big prima tank. That is A LOT of shampoo. That is with bathing twice to make sure they get good and clean. I'm not sure if the small prima will be big enough to bathe a big/hairy dog.


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      I have made my own. I wil be blogging it later this month (been meaning to do it and havent gotten to do it).
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        Prima for me!

        Hi Downtown,
        I bought my prima (the medium sized) about 3 years ago and I will never change! It has proven to be the best investment I have made for my van. Dogs get the cleanest I have ever seen---ever! The machine saves me so much water and shampoo I'm still amazed. If you call Prima, they will get you in touch with someone who has already purchased one in your area, get their opinion. They have a free trial of the equipment as well. I find that I'm always so excited to get dogs in the bathtub, just so I get to use my fantastic Prima and I can see the results asap. I love my PRIMA! I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Go for it, it'll be the best decision you've made for your van and business. BTW, mine fits perfectly next to my tub, I had a shelf made to house it.


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          They have a medium sized one? I tried contacting the company but no call back yet and no email back either. Mind me asking what the price was?


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            They have a medium sized Prima?

            Is it the mobile one you are referring to? Do you think it would work in regular shop that is building clients and only does 2-4 dogs a day? We hope to include big dogs in June and will have probably 6-7 dogs minimum. I'm asking because what if I decided to go mobile for a while and could take it with me? What's the cost? The regular one is $1200 now!!


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              Prima regualr vs. mobile one?

              Still waiting to hear if the Prima medium size is the mobile one they sell? Does anyone use this size in a shop? I am not mobile.....


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                Sorry I am going to be the negative one here, I tried it -they had a 2 week trial at one time and I hated it.