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Proper Paint to Use on Table Top

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  • Proper Paint to Use on Table Top

    I would love to paint the top of my black grooming table. Any suggestions on good colors for seeing dogs better and type of paint to use?

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    what material is your top made of?

    Maybe instead of paint a plastic covering or rubber matt of some sort.. I like the black so I do not know what color would be better.. I had a bright blue matt ( cobaltish not pastel) for a while and that was nice. none of the dogs I did blended in with that color! LOL


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      Mine is coated with PolyCoat or NylaCoat- it is the stuff that you dip the handles of tools into to seal and provide a better grip. Works great- mine is a pretty yellow. And it holds up really well, only have to re-coat a couple of times a year. Comes in quite a few colors now, too. I tried to attach a photo--I hope that it worked...
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