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    I'm starting my research here, so don't think me too incredibly ignorant on this topic, please! Or do, because, really, I am!

    My new employer is going to buy me a new table. Her question is 'would you prefer a hydraulic or an electric?" to which I replied 'let me do some research and find which is best for what we have' and so here I am!

    I want a table that goes low to the ground (a step up for big dogs), is fairly dummy proof so anyone can work on the minor things that might go wrong, and that doesnt require a ton of maintaince. What are the major differences between the two? I'm leaning towards electric simply because they seem sturdier than the hydraulics that appear to have the middle of the table as center, not the entire thing (if that makes sense).

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    I've always had hydraulic. I think there's less to go wrong, and I have enough stuff to plug in already. My first Edemco is still in use after 10 years, and I have a new one as well. I've never done any maintenance!


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      I think you will find that some electrics go much further down that the hydraulics do. The hydraulics can only go as far as the hydraulic apparatus will allow


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        Well when I picked my new table I weighed the difference and I came up with hydraulic. The price difference was one consideration. The other was I was afraid that if anything went wrong with an electric it would be expensive to fix. I figured that I was less likely to have problems with a hydraulic table. But now that I bought a table edemco has these great sales, Go figure. Now I can get an electric for what I paid for hydraulic.

        I went with edemco and I love it. The swing arm is great. I also went for the larger table. It goes plenty low enough for big dogs and is large enough to accommodate them. It also gives me space to set stuff on when I’m working on small dogs. I wish I would have gone with the rotating top though.


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          I also have the Hydraulic Edemco with the swing arm, I love it. It goes low enough and high enough. The arm is so helpful when working on the front half. I also work at a salon where I don't have a swing arm on my table (tho' it is hydraulic) and I find myself continually trying to move the arm out of my way!!!

          All tha being said, if I could get an electric table I would. Two friends have them (2 different salons). I'have used both, Edemco and the one from Ryans, each are nice. The big difference with the electric is that if you want to raise or lower it while the dog is on the table it goes so smoothly the dog will barely know it is moving. The hydraulic will have a jerky motion every time yuou pump it up.

          Good luck in choosing. How nice that you get to choose a nice new table! You and your back will love it !



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            I have both and I like the electric better. My husband said that eventually the hydraulic unit would start leaking where as long as you aren't over working your table, i.e. lifting too many over the weight limit dogs, your electric motor should last a very long time with little to no maintenence. Also, the hydraulic is a bumpy ride up for a big dog and it makes them nervous. The electric is smooth and easy.


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              the electric. I move the table up and down depending on what I do and it is smooth and doesn't scare the dogs. I also use it to get dogs in and out of the tub. It is all the way down when they jump on and almost all the way up to get into the tub. Gets lots of use and really saves my back.


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                in over 30 yrs of working in this business I have worked with both at different shops.
                Personally, I choose the hydraulic... some may say the electric is virtually maintainence free... but it has not been so in my experience.
                Yes the hydraulic may leak after really hard use BUT it is very easy to refill the fluid by yourself. Plus the price difference is a big factor. The more complicated you make things, the more things that can go wrong.
                Having to call in on an electric table issue can shut you down for days, cost you a LOT and what I found... every time there was a storm, although I had everything on power strips... we still had to wait (dogs freaking out, we could not move/lower tables) for the power to come back on... with the hydraulic, if the power went out, easy down... put in a cage... wait until elec came back on.

                It is really a personal choice though. For me, I also have the Edemco hydraulic and love it! It goes to the lowest height of about 16"/18" (I think) the same height as the family couch so most pets are happy to jump/step up...


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                  Which table would you pick?

                  I just read this thread and I am leaning towards hydraulic, however I hear some are wobbly, which hydraulic would you pick? I've seen the ultra lift tables and I know they are very good and sturdy, but I'm trying to find something that is really good and sturdy, but at a little lower price. Any ideas?