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Help..starting grooming and dont know what dryer to get

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  • Help..starting grooming and dont know what dryer to get

    I need to order a forced air dryer. I prefer no heat and low budget as Im just starting up my business. I want it to be powerful enough to fluff the coat of Bichons and such and to blow out the undercoat of a Samoyed. But again I can not afford a $500.00 dryer. Does anybody have any suggestions on the voltage or amps needed to acheive my goals? PLEASE Help..I dont want to end up ordering a piddily dryer that does nothing more than dry.

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    Hmm, IMO you really need heat to properly fluff. BUt since I am mobile I can't pull a lot of amps so I blow my dogs out almost all the way with my HV that has no heat and then finish with a regular hair dryer.
    If you want an inexpensive dryer I really like my little B-Air dryer. It blows 30K FPM. But with any inexpensive dryer you are not going to get one that blows you away. Would it blow out a packed Samoyeds undercoat, probably not. Have I used it to dry the big hairies, yes. It's not as powerful as my Hanvey Gold Hi-V, but I've used it when I had to and for the size and price I think it's an excellent little dryer. I've also heard great things about the Laube Magnum dryer which I believe is under $200. I've never used it myself though. I think the B-Air sells for $119. Iw worked for years with nothing more than a metro, did all the dogs with those. I worked for a company and this is what they provided. It may take you a little longer, but it can get you started until you can afford something better.
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      Thank you so much for your input. I will definately look into thosea!!


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        I've said this here a few times before, but what worked well for me was to go to Home Depot and get one of the Rigid shop vacs with the detachable blower. The blower has about the same air output and noise that my hv dryer does...and it can be used as a vac as well! The only problem is that the hose sometimes pops off and has to be put back. It cost me about $100.