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    I am going into housecall grooming (grooming in the owner's home) and want to get a bathing system I can carry from home to home like the Hanvey Bathing Beauty or the Luxury Spa bathing system, but I do NOT want to have to fill/drain a tub repeatedly. (also, some folks don't have tubs.)
    1. could I fill a (large) bucket with water and put the pump in there? How much water? (2 gal? 5 gal?)
    2. What about shampoos? Will I be limited to certain types?
    3. How much power do they draw? Anyone have trouble with blown circuts?
    4. What is your favorite model? Why?

    Any and all help is appreciated!

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    Okily-dokily, here is what I know
    I have a homemade bathing system and it pulls 3 amps, I would assume the pro models would be about the same. I've always used whatever shampoo I wanted to, but there are some designed specifically for bathing systems. Show Seasons has a general purpose shampoo called System that is supposed to be low sudsing. Envirogroom shampoos say they are formulated for bathing systems as well.
    If I was buying a pro recirc I'd buy the Hanvey bathing beauty. I like the flexible hose and the marble in the nozzle to prevent hair build up. I know BBird sells them in her store.
    Since you are going to be doing in home you also need to watch how many amps whatever dryer you are using pulls. The dryers I know off the top of my head that don't pull more than around 10 amps are the B-air, the Kool Dry and the Hanvey Gold. If you are doing small dogs only I think the B-air is a great choice, I have one and really like it. The Hanvey is a bit big and clunky, as much as I love mine, I'd hate to be dragging it around. The kool dry is bigger than the B-air and more powerful, but not as cumbersome to tote around as the Hanvey.
    I don't know about the bucket. I know I tried a bucket with mine and I think it was way too small because I was running out of water/shampoo before I got the dogs bathed, but I think Azoci has used it that way with success. I've done housecall for a few clients. Sometimes unintentionally, like when my water pump froze in the rig twice. I learned I am not cut out for housecall, I'm just too dang lazy LOL. I do houscall still for two of my clients, but I don't bathe the one dog, she bathes her beforehand, and the other is a housefull of cats. She has 9 now I think and I just shave matts off here and there on whatever ones need it.
    Best of luck! Sounds like an exciting new venture for you. And of course you know if there is anything I can do, don't hesitate to let me know! Even from over here in NY LOL
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      Pumps like the Bathing Beauty can pump up to twenty gallons of water a minute, so a five gallon bucket would last you about fifteen seconds, give or take. The whole idea of a recirculating system is that it takes a limited amount of solution and keeps recycling it at a high rate of speed.

      I have one friend who does home grooming and she packs one of those portable acrylic tubs with her. They are step-in models and don't weigh very much.

      The name of them escapes me now. That's my half-zeimers acting up again...


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        Light dawns on Marblehead...

        Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
        That's my half-zeimers acting up again...
        ROFL - haven't heard that one before.

        I am SO dense!! Arrooh was telling me about how she gets water into the bucket (the 5 gal bucket I was talking about) from a shower, and I was a bit confused as to why she didn't just hold the bucket up to the shower head but I didn't want to say anything. DUH, of COURSE! The water would pump out in seconds! the sleeve thing was to get the water continuously flowing into the bucket from the shower head. Apparently I forgot that recirc is short for RECIRCULATION.
        So.. I could let the water run continuously into the bucket and put the pump in there to get the dog wet.
        then only have to fill the tub if I want to recirc shampoo. Or if there is no tub just slather the shampoo on the old fashioned way.
        Starting to get it. I feel like an idiot, I don't know why I am having such trouble visualizing this!


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          You know, an engineering groomer/supplier would really be doing a great service by inventing some type of portable tank thingy, something like a recirculator, but not exactly that would be perfect for housecall. At least I think so, instead of retrofitting equipment and refilling buckets and such. Hey you (who ever your enterprising self is) can you get on this??


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            Well here I am

            I carry my B B in a home depot 5 gallon bucket. I carry shampoo (any will work but less suds easier) and Blueberry facial, a few tub plugs in that bucket. It just needs a squirt of shampoo in the water, place the recirc on the squirted shampoo and viola shampoo filled water goes down to the skin of the dog. Often I just fill a bath tub, because it only needs an inch or two to recirculate. Thus easy to drain. But if there is no tub I do keep the water flowing into the bucket, as I said the Hanvey BB is comfortable being totally immersed. Sometimes if in a hurry (rarely) I have clear rinse water filling/filled in the bucket and recirc with the small amount of shampoo water in the tub. I've never had any amperage problem in even the oldest quaintest house.
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              almost there...

              Originally posted by Arrooh View Post
              It just needs a squirt of shampoo in the water, place the recirc on the squirted shampoo and viola shampoo filled water goes down to the skin of the dog.
              Ok, I am getting closer... when you say place the recirc on the squirted shampoo, are you talking about using the bucket? Could I squirt shampoo in the bottom of the bucket then fill the bucket with h2o and spray into the coat? would that be enough shampoo? I know it couldn't recirculate, but would it be a faster delivery system (shampoo to coat) and I could massage it in by hand from there? I am working at a shop now with a bathmaster system and I am so spoiled! I would love to figure out how to avoid ever applying shampoo by hand again (lol).
              Isn't there a machine that can pump in water from one source and mix it with shampoo drawn from another, like the system I use at this shop? That thing is a really great invention. Now if I could just figure out how to do this on a portable unit...
              Should've married an engineer. <<<sigh>>>

              Chuck? Curtis? U listening?


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                I can squirt a dollop of shampoo in the bucket and spray the combo on the dog. Gets it shampooed immediately. Though I rarely use the bucket, only for the rare shower only household. I'd rather just recirculate so then I use a small amount of water. You can have the bucket full of clean rinse water and when finished the shampoo, lift and drain out the B B then put in the bucket with water running in it for a speedier rinse. Hurry is not my style which is fine with Housecall.

                You might try doing what I did. When I first started out I asked to bathe a couple of different dogs for good friends of mine for free telling them I wanted to work out any glitches before I went to a stranger/new customer's home. It helped my confidence a lot to do that and of course those friends were pleased.
                Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.