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  • Hanvey Hi-V Gold Dryer

    Has anyone tried this yet?? thinking about purchasing for new boarding/ grooming shop but wanted to see if anyone has used them. How do they stack up to the K9III? It says flat nozzle technology... Is the flat nozzle removable? Thanks!

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    I don't have one, but had a long talk with Curtis Hanvey about their dryer because eventaully I want to get one for my mobile.

    Curtis told me they push about the same amount of air as the K9III, but in order for it to do so you have to used it with their booster. The thing that intrigued me is their patented flat nozzle. They claim it will not whip and twist the hair. He says the are quiet and I like the fact that the motors and everything are made here in the US. I want one really bad.


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      I have one in my mobile and LOVE it. I do not have the booster because I can't pull that many amps and without the booster it isn't as powerful as the K9 III but it is still a fabulous dryer. The flat nozzle is removable and I like it much better than the cone shaped concentrator. I actually had purchased a flat nozzle for the previous dryer I had which improved it's output over the cone attachment and have a little B-Air also with a flat nozzle.
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        It is a good dryer, and the nozzle really rocks. Works GREAT! My problem with the dryer was NO HEAT, and he didnt have the booster then so it may be different now. I need heat to dry because I do most of the fluffing with my force dryer. the nozzle is AMAZING. I will not say it does not whip around the hair, because it can, but its harder than a round nozzle and it strips water nicely. It does use less amperage and that makes it perfect for mobiles.
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          I have the's great. I can't say it has heat..but it get warm with the quickness. I also have the booster. Once you have the booster you will question why you didn't get it in the beginning. Great system..get both.