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K-9 II on the fritz

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  • K-9 II on the fritz

    Has anyone had this problem and come up with a fix?

    My K-9 II will run all day so long as the first motor is running. When I switch on the second motor, the second motor will run for about a minute, and then will stop. The first motor continues running.

    Thankfully I have a backup Air Force dryer, but since the K-9 II is a hefty beast, it would cost a bundle to ship back to the factory and how much to fix since it is long out of warranty is anyone's guess. Has anyone run into this problem and come up with a fix?


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    I don't own a K9 II, but it sounds like a bad switch or if they have a relay a bad relay inside that is not allowing power over too the second motor. If they don't have a relay or bad switch the motor brushes may be bad.


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      You could try changing the brushes, it's an inexpensive way to troubleshoot.


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        Find a vac shop. They can fix it, but yes, to me it sounds like brushes which can be a bear on that dryer, or a bad motor. One motor is easy to get to. the other, not so much.
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          If the one motor is not running you may need to just change brushes in it , I use this company for replacement dryer parts (hubby does all of my repairs)they also do repairs.reasonable pricing and very fast shipping.


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            I burned through 2

            They do have repair sevices, the contact is on the side of the dryer. I killed 2 over the past few years.I switched to Davis dryers, now I automaticaly send it off once a year for a check up & my dryer is very dependable....cause when dryer is not happy no one is!!!