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Grooming Bathtub for a Garage Remodel

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  • Grooming Bathtub for a Garage Remodel

    Hello All,

    I'm a new groomer in training and I'm remodeling our attached garage for my In-Home Salon.

    Since I'm on a very tight buget I'm thinking of using a regular bathtub for my pet grooming needs. They cost as low as $110 from Home Depot. However, I would need to build a platform and have some type of 'back/side spash' to keep water off the rest of the drywall.

    Has anyone done this before? If so, please send me your ideas and suggestions.

    Thanks Much!

    Brittney Huffman

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    Oh gosh yes. Many groomers use elevated human tubs. In wish I could tell you the details, but I've never done it personally. In my mobile I have a human bath tub, but it came that way. In tha salons I have worked in the one used the stuff for fiberglass shower surrounds as the backsplash. There are a lot of options out there. Hope someone with more info can help, just wanted to let you know it's pretty common practice so someone out there should be able to give you some info.
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      done this.

      you will need to use special dry wall on the wall around the tub, special for bathrooms, I think it is green. then you can cover the wall with a tub liner, really cheap, comes in long thin pieces. or you can tile, which is really beautiful, but expensive. I know someone who used vinyl tile on the wall. I'm not sure how well that works though. you can pick up a book at home depot for bathroom remodel, same thing here. you will also want treated lumber for frame of tub, and rember to caulk the edges. I dont know if you have room, but my next shop I want to also put in walk in shower for the big dogs, saw that in a magazine once. looking back, I almost wish I had skipped the $$$ stainless steel tub and went with a human tub. dont tell my husband.


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        I would try to buy one of those fiberglass tubs that has a built in surround. I bought one of those for the kids bathroom when we built the house. It is nice looking too (looks like tile) and I think around 300.00 or so. It may end up being cheaper than building a backsplash.
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          here's mine when it was first done.. used cushion floor as the back splash, just have to make sure you stick it really really well, mine is coming unglued in some spots! Mine was found on the side of the road(seriously) as someone was remodeling their bathroom.. Been using it for 2.5 years now and it looks fine so far! You could contact contractors in your area an see if anyone is remodeling and replacing their tub.. you might luck out!

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            Mine was free from Home Depot. Went to buy one as a dude was coming out w/ his brand new tub, and his old one was on the back of his stop the dump. We saved him the trip, lol!

            Yes, mine was framed in w/ treated lumber, then used green board, then covered that w/ FRP panels cut to size, sealed and caulked.

            My cuz the carpenter built it, and was little concerned about the amount of moisture the front of the tub would get. Instead of framing that w/ any type of wood, he built cinder block columns, dropped a few cut rods of rebar in them for stability, and filled them w/ concrete.

            This tub is ROCK solid, sees a ton of use, and is going as strong as the day it was built (6 years ago)

            I'll try to attach a pic taken a few years ago before finishing touches were put on it...but you'll get the idea.
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              In my old shop we had 2 tubs that were the whole fiberglass tub unit. You just make a platform out of 2 x 4s and set the thing in. Goes almost to the ceiling and works great. I use the shower fixtures on my tub. Hot and cold knobs, the middle one is the one that if you turn it the water comes out of the top where I have the clean water sprayer attached. If I just want water in the tub I have it come out of the bath tub spout.


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                Oh, don't forget the hair traps in the drain!


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                  I bought a 98.00 steel enamel human tub at Lowes and it will last forever. We framed it in underneath with treated 4x4s and 2x4s. A grown man can stand in this thing and jump up and down - rock solid.

                  Small dog tub is a little old RV tub we dug out of the attic at the local RV dealership. Framed in same as above, just raised a lot higher.

                  ****Make sure you install your tubs on a slight incline with the drain end on the low side. This will help with faster tub drainage when it gets filled with tons of hair and suds.****


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                    Options for the surround.

                    Tile, Will need tile backer board, not the green drywall.

                    Green dry wall, with a really good paint.

                    FRP board. They offer inside and outside connector strips as well as panel joining strips. You will need to caulk against the wall where the tub butts upagainst the wall.

                    You could use a product called Sintra. They are available in various thicknesses. They are a 100%PVC style board and can be cut, routed, heat shaped etc. They come ina wide range of colors. We used then in trade shows. They will not crack or chip, chemical resistant or ever rot. If you get the thin ones 3mm you might be able to join them with FRP strips. I have not checked but their may be connection strips for them. They used FRP board in my trailer and If I ever redo it I will use this stuff. There are a few scratches on my current FRP boards now. I could paint over these spots but will would never hold up.

                    Check around at some local salvage stores. Lots of times you can find odd lots of tiles, tubs, counter tops, etc for dirt cheap. There is a place in our area that sells odd lots of tile some of them 8" to 10" pieces for .10 to .30 per tile.

                    The easiest option is just to use a one piece tub/shower enclosure. Someone already suggested this. This is what we had at grooming school, 6 in total, and they worked perfect. JUst build a frame off of the wall studs and set it up there. Around the bottom you could use dry wall, frp board, sintra etc to enclose the bottom area. If you are smart about the use of this space you could put cabinets below (use cabinets like you would put over a washer and dryer) or cubbies (with Rubber Maid Containers) to hold towels, gallons of shampoos, etc. Just make sure you have an access door to get to the plumbing should it get clogged or need maintance. Since you won't need access all the time to the plumbing put your doggie ramp/steps so they cover the access door or plumbing.

                    Those are my thoughts. I love this type of work! Have fun. Wish I was there to help spend your money. LOL


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                      Just wanted to add....I am a major claustrophobic, and my bathing room is in the gloomy dungeon, errrrrr...I mean basement.
                      My cuz put the window in (I can see people's shoes when they walk by, and, more importantly....the little birdie's feets as they are hopping around in the window well, and the tree tops blowing in the wind.))

                      He also installed 2 75 Watt marine lights over the tub, as well as an exhaust fan.

                      Celebpet....WHAT a great post! That was very nice.
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                        GREAT Responsed to my questions!!

                        You all are GREAT!!

                        Thank you soo much!

                        I'll be sure to send pictures when I'm all done!

                        Thank you again,

                        Brittney Huffman


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                          We did it!

                          Hello Everyone!

                          I found a contractor to do our salon tub. He even went out and found a used mobile home tub for $50!

                          Here's the pictures.
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                            My tub

                            This is my tub when it was brand new we modified one of our duplex apartments from scratch it works wonferfully and was built to MY height it is a smaller version of an in house tub
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                              Very nice! I like it!
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