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  • Tell me I made the Right Choice!

    Hello Fellow Groomers!

    I'm a home-based groomer, and I'm ready to upgrade from my no-name Ebay dryer. It lasted me about 1-1/2 years ($100) so I feel it served me well. I plan to keep it as a back-up.

    I just ordered the K9 Mini Dryer as a replacement. I don't have a lot of money, and groom maybe 10-15 dogs a week, so I thought this was versatile and durable enough to meet my needs. But I need to hear from my fellow groomers that I did make the right choice! I needed something that I could use in my shop as well as go portable. I don't use cage dryers, so there wasn't a need for something that would serve as a cage dryer too.

    Your feedback is appreciated!

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    K9 makes good dryers, so it's probably just fine. I like to pick out dryers at the trade shows so I can compare them side by side. I know the II and III models are very powerful, don't know about the mini. As for a cage dryer, I much perfer fans. The little hv dryers are just too noisy for me and it's too easy for the dog to avoid the air by sitting in the corner.


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      I've personally never used a K-9 dryer, but I've never heard anything negative about them. I know a lot of groomers save up $$ for quite some time to purchase one of the larger more powerful models, os I think you'll probably enjoy the new toy.


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        I think you will be pretty happy. The only thing I wonder is if it will have enough power for you, but can guess it will be ok. I know a sneaky back door way of checking craigslist postings, so if it doesn't have enough power, PM me and I will pass it along. I can pretty much check the entire contry's listing by date.


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          Your supposed to ask for advice BEFORE! LOL... Anyway I have a K9 III and I love it. I actually had to put it up on a shelf in the garage... can't use it in my mobile it's too many amps, and can't bear to part with it either!