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  • groomers helper!

    I just ordered my groomers helper professional set. I don't have a table or a arm yet but I am working on it piece by piece. Need to have my own table & restraint system by the end of April so I have some time. I will need to buy a 1" by 48" arm for the big dogs right? Then how will I know what table is compatible?? Anyways thanks for helping me find answers to my questions. I want to do this right!

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    Kinda put the cart before the horse, lol

    I highly recommend Ultralift tables and grooming arms I have their grooming arm and that thing is STOUT! Plenty big and strong enough to do any large dog you might take on. I like it because it doesn't extend past the bottom of your table and has several "eyes" across the top of the arm for different applications.

    You can find their site by googling Ultralift grooming table.


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      Originally posted by neanea View Post
      Kinda put the cart before the horse, lol
      ROFL, that's what I was thinking!

      Cindi, congrats on your purchase of the Groomers Helper. I know you will like it. It saved my grooming career, without a doubt! It has trained all my naughties into nice dogs. I like working on nice dogs!

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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        I was thinking how smart of Cindi. The important stuff first. I think there is only one type of table that needs different clamps. I think it's hydraulic. I'm sure Chuck will pop on soon and come up with suggestions. I think a business buddy of his sells all that stuff.

        If everyone bought a Groomers Helper first we'd have lots of happier groomers ;o)
        Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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          Table works arm is what I have and their tool caddy. Built like a tank. I have several Rotties, large labs, and goldens I do. Arm has ver failed. Its stainless. The big key is the clamp itself. If its a weak design then the type or size of the arm isn't going to matter. You need to make sure the clamp you get can adjust to the thickness of your table top.

          I too have a groomers helper, the one with everything. Believe it or not I have had it for almost a year and its still taped shut in the box. I haven't even taken it out of the box and looked at it. One of the girls at grooming school bought one and used it a few times. I have not had a need for it yet all of my clients have well behaved dogs. The GH works really well, but all of our table at school had the LIPS system from Hanvey. The LIPS systems are worth the money as well and will do just about anything the Groomers helper will do.


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            Hi everyone!
            I agree that I kind of bought things backwards but I cannot bring my own table to work until we move because there is only room for one table right now. I have not decided on a electric or hydraulic table yet either! The new clinic is still being built and they have not run the electricity yet so I don't know where or if I can plug in....
            I am not sure if I can buy a ultra lift table here in Canada? They do sound really good. I think I am limited to pet supply house & Rens, I cannot afford the shipping & duty fees if I buy outside of Canada and I am thinking I will make the 2.5hr drive to pick up a table when the time comes. The groomers helper is on sale at Pet supply right now so I grabbed it. Love sales!
            I am looking forward to a safe restraint system. What I am using now is a arm that extends to the middle of the table with a piece of rope, clip & choke chain! I hate it, don't consider it safe for me or the dogs. It is a challenge to do hygiene clips & nails when you know the dog bites and can get to you.


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              Thank You!

              Dear Cindi,

              Thanks for purchasing the Groomers Helper®. Whatever table you opt to buy we have a 1" stainless steel arm and locking steel clamp that will fit. The arm and clamp are guaranteed for life never to bend. Depending on your budget there are many good tables out there. I favor the Big Dog by UltraLift.

              Pet Supply House carries our new 1" arm and clamp for your new table.

              A standard table top is 3/4" to 1" and our standard clamps fit them. A non standard table top 1 1/4" to 3 1/2" need our Universal Side and Main Table clamps an extra cost so try and find a standard table top. 24" X 42" is perfect for any size dog. What you need is no obstruction under the table top at the ends for 5" and on the sides of 3".

              Thanks again and Good Luck and Godspeed,

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