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    On the "recirculating bathing systems" that have a pump place in the tub, recirculating the soapy solution - I am not trained in household plumbing, but is what I am looking at with such systems basically a modified - or maybe, not-so-modified - sump pump?

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    Yes! You are smater than you thought! (just kidding)



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      You are correct, but you don't win anything. lol


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        There are people on here who have made their own system, and I think they recommend the Little Giant pump. There are instructions available, on the web or through some people here.


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          if you start looking, there is a difference in pumps. Sump pumps have a floater valve that automatically turns on the pump when the water level reaches a certain height. Utility pumps are made just for pumping on demand (no floater valve).

          Here's mine I made a while back and it's still going strong.

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            It's a "glorified sump pump". No need for any "plumbing" knowledge....unless you plan to build your own....and even then, it's so minor, even I could prolly manage it.

            Did you mean "have pump placed in the tub"?....just to clarify, cuz my friend has a Forever Stainless that has a "pump place" built into the tub. That's a teeny bit more complicated.

            I love, love, love, my recirc (it's a 14 yr. old Hydrosurge). Biggest benefits for me are quickly SATURATING the big hairys and I have a sensitive well in a drought area. This sucker (purchased new for $1000.00 in 1996, not built by me.) has paid for itself over and over again.
            Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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              Bernie how in the world have you gotten 14 yrs of life out of your recirc? I think my Luxury Spa lasted less than 3 yrs before it croaked. I am now on my THIRD (second pump really doesn't count cause it was faulty) sump that I bought from Ace.

              Don't get me wrong. I won't live w/out my recirc, but if there are some tips you can give me for eeeeking out a little more life I will be eternally in your debt! (well, maybe not quite that I do remove the screen and clean the guts out several times daily, depending on how many big hairy's I have and I never let it run to over heating. I flush it w/vinegar or chlorahexadine water between dogs and disenfect every night before I hang the hose high to drain and dry. What else can I do?????????

              14 years......shaking head in amazement.....
              SheilaB from SC