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Anybody using Bathmaster with IOD Shampoos?

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  • Anybody using Bathmaster with IOD Shampoos?

    I'm setting up a new system with a Bathmaster and IOD Salon Elements products. I've tried the default purple tip, but there just does'nt seem to be enough product coming through to do anything. Bathmaster recommended trying to thin out the shampoo 50/50. Any thoughts??


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    noooo way love my IOD too much to put in the bath master :P We just mix 'em in the bottles.


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      I am having the same problem with my Bath Master with all brands of shampoo, at least the common 16:1 varieties. I would love to get some advice on which shampoos work with which tips and what dilution rates! I am pulling my hair out over all the shampoo I am wasting when it comes out too fast after dilution. I've played with different ratios and can't seem to find the magic #. GRRRRRRRR!
      Maybe someone will have the answer for us?


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        I set up shop several months ago and ran into the same problem. I love the Bathmaster but I am never really sure about the shampoo's. I don't know if I have tooooo much or too little. I did call the company and got a very basic,"try what works best for you" answer. After spending $500 I was hoping for a better answer.

        I then whipped out my Why Bitch shampoo and called Joy. As some of you know Joy has a lot of answers and is always willing to help. So she recommended I diluted her shampoo to a "mediterrian blue" color and run it thru. I did that and used the purple tip and now every thing is great. So once again Why Bitch saved the day!!! I LOVE this shampoo....

        I still have several bottles of others that I would like to use up but I can't figure the dilution and tip ratio's. Once I do I will NEVER use anything but why bitch again...