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How well does the Hanvey dryer work

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  • How well does the Hanvey dryer work

    I have been thiinking about buying a dryer from Hanvey ( taxi vac) and was wanting to know how well they. I here a lot of really good things about Romanti's granddady. How do they compare. I also here the Romanti Jr is ok but know where as good as the granddady.

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    They don't really compare IMO other than they are both quiet and powerful. The Romanis put out heat, though not a lot, Hanvey doesn;t. Different design means less air moving across the motor which is what heats up the air. The Romanis are my fave of the two, but I like the Davis even better.
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      Davis what is this

      I have a kennel and grooming shop. It's a long story, but I will give you the cliff notes. I built it and had a groomer lease space to take care of that end of business. However things went south with the groomer. So I went to school and learned the trade for my self. So I am pretty wet behind the ears my self and the learning curve is pretty high. Although I really injoy the work. I have used the challenge air 8000 in school and was advised to get the granddady for myself. I have one cage dryer that I made and it works ok. I also have a nother dryer but it does not dryer them fast enough. So I want to invest in a new one or a really good used one. the problem is I don't have the time or the money to go around to the different shows because none of them happen very close to my location. So with that said I can use all the help I can get.


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        I have the Hanvey Gold H-V. I believe the Taxi vac is their vacuum clipper, but since I don't use one I could be wrong there. I love my Hanvey dryer, but one of the main reasons I use it is because I am a mobile groomer that plugs into people's homes and I have to watch how many amps I am pulling. It's is an extremely powerful dryer for only pulling 10 amps. I tried to Kool Dry at a demo at a trade show and I felt the Hanvey was more powerful. With the Hanvey you can also by the power booster to make it even more powerful. But there are MANY dryers to choose from. A great one I love is the K-9 III. If I could use one I would, but they pull 18 amps I believe. I've only used the Romani dryers at competitions when they were provided, but I don't know which model I used and I don't think it was the grandaddy, because the one I did use I didn't feel was much more powerful than my Hanvey, if at all. And I've heard some great things about the granddaddy. There are other models of the K-9's as well, the III is just the strongest. BUT metro has a new two motor one out that looks very similar and it says that is has even more FPM I believe and may be cheaper. That may be worth looking into as well. Admin just posted something about it a few days ago. is the link.

        Lange dryers (which I think are called gallo winds now, but my head still hurts, I might have that backwards) are also nice dryers. There are so many options out there. Have you looked through any of the catalogues? What types of dogs are you doing? If mostly small dogs, you may not need so much dryer. If a lot of big hairies the more pwerful dryers are a godsend!
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          We keep all kinds big &amp; small

          We do a lot of baths. the reason is if your pet stays with use for two nights or more we give them a bath before the go home. Most of the dogs that stay with use are mid-large size. So on mondays we might do 20 baths and 10 groomings all in a 10 hr day. this is also done by one guy If you do the math it 3 dogs per hr. What I have been doing is blow off the short hairs and put them in a cage. Then find my next long hair blow them off and put them in a cool air cage dryer why I work on a groom. When the wether is warm-hot we do pretty good, but when it is cold or rainy it can be hard to keep up. This is why I need a really good dryer.


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            A dehumidifier could really help you as well.
            What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.


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              My Lady,

              You can make the Hanvey Gold HV more powerful by changing out the nozzle with a cone nozzle. I did that this summer (bought an adapter and a cone nozzel for $16 from Edemco) and can certainly get the dog dried quicker because the force of the air is much stronger.


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                Like said earlier. I don't think you can compare the Hanvey dryer to the Romani granddaddy. It's like apples and oranges. The granddaddy is a much more powerful dryer and it has heat. Alot of us groomers have the benefits of a dryer vs. the amperage needed to run the dryer when we make a decision.


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                  Davis Vs Romanti

                  looking at the Davis dryer it has heat and power. the other is that amp are not a problem because it is in a shop not a mobile unit.


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                    AH**S, I can't give an opinion on the dryers you are asking about as I haven't tried those. I will suggest however that you may want to try to hire either another experienced groomer or a bather to help you.

                    I give you props for buying or starting (not sure which) your business, but it kinda sounds like you may be in over your head especially with the grooming aspect. If you are doing everything in the business yourself IMO you are setting yourself up for burn out, or worse, something bad possibly happening to a clients pet because are you overworked and/or inexperienced.

                    I had been grooming for 7 yrs when I opened my grooming shop/kennel. There have been times through the past 16 yrs when I have been w/out employees. I can "do it all" for a period of time, but it doesn't take long before working 7 days a week (because of kennel), keeping a regular grooming schedule, taking care of clients AND doing the cleaning/bookwork takes it's toll. I then have nothing left for my family and that's never good!

                    Some simple things you can do to help get more educated about grooming (besides coming on this board and asking questions!) is to get some educational DVD's. Jodi Murphy has some really good ones. I purchased some a few years ago and even though I have been grooming 23 yrs now I still learned things from her. I also learn new things on this board almost every time I come on here. If you don't already have it, I suggest Notes from The Grooming Table. VERY VERY good informative book that many on here use as a grooming bible.

                    If I am out of line on giving advice on things you didn't ask about or if your work situation is different than I assumed by your post, I apologize. Sometimes my typing fingers runnith
                    SheilaB from SC


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                      kenel Burnout

                      It's ok. My wife helps me and we have one other person working in the kennel. this gives me one and half days off every week. So can make time for my wife and kids. We live here at the kennel just out side of town in the farm land and love it. It is also nice to here from other people like yourself to get a defferent prospetive.


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                        We have the Hanvey Gold with the boost - it puts out heat, infact, the hose/nozzle gets quite hot when drying the big hairies. I have used the K9II and the Hanvey is only slightly less powerful. imho



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                          I have a Romani's grandaddy and a Davis. The Romani's grandaddy is quieter then the Davis. There is about a $300.00 difference in the price-Davis will save you money. I wear ear protection now, so noise really doesn't matter. both are good dryers


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                            I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that took the time to reply. I' am sure I will have more ? in the future. Thanks You.


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                              Hey, have you looked at the Kool Dry Dryer? I like it because it pulls low amps, it does heat up a little but not as much as the K9 II and/or the Master blaster.

                              What I REALLY love though is that it is VARIABLE speed. It has a dial, turn it up, turn it down...loooove it!

                              It's available from Chris Christensen systems...

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