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Taxci Vac Vs Clipper Vac

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  • Taxci Vac Vs Clipper Vac

    I am getting ready to purchase a new clipper vac system in my shop. I am comparing these two. I have used Romani's clipper vac. The Hanvey Taxi vac looks very inviting. They will make a package deal with a dryer that looks realy good. Just need some advice before I jump off an buy it.
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    Both are very good IMO... but we went with the Hanvey. Reason? cleaning! just drop down the bottom, falls out. No digging into corners like I had to with the romani... but they are both very good. To date.. we have 2 singles & one double (Max 10)... covers all 4 stations very easily, limited space allows it to be mounted on the wall right above the garbage cans... easy for us.


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      Taxi vac Vs Clipper vac

      Thank you for your advice. Do you have any on the dryer Hanvey is selling