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B-Air Bear Power Dryer II

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  • B-Air Bear Power Dryer II

    Hi, I'm a new groomer and I really need a dryer. I was looking at the B-Air Bear Power Dryer II. And I was wondering if anyone has it and can tell me if it's a good dryer. I want one that has a variable speed and is under $250. I'm planning on using this dryer for home use only on my 4 pomeranians. If anyone can tell me about this dryer or of another that has what I'm looking for I'd greatly appreciate it.
    I found this dryer on PetEdge:

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    we have it and its great. we also have a heavy duty k-9 but I hate it .its way too much air most of the time and its way too loud it freaks out all of the dogs. the b-air is perfect for small dogs. we mostly do small dogs so its great ...but even with the bigger dogs that are afraid of the big dryer.I would buy it if I were to groom dogs at my house.I also like the nozzles that it comes with.I think its well worth the money.


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      I have the smaller B-Air dryer, sells for about $119 I think now. It's not variable speed but has hi/low and is really nice for small dogs. I think it would work fine for Poms. I use it as a back up dryer as well as something for the littler dogs that might be a little fearful of my Hanvey Gold.
      I've heard good things about the Laube Magnum Force and that might be variable speed, not sure, and I think it's under $200.
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        I love my B-Air dryer! It was my first big purchace and dont really have a lot to compare it too,but it works great.My hubby looked and researched all of them,looking at amprage{sp?},and such,and decided that this was a great one. Good luck!!


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          Thanks guys for the replys! I went ahead and ordered one yesterday. Should be here within a few days. I'm so excited. Thanks again.