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    So here is the question:
    If you could buy any clippers on the market, what would you buy?? Andis? Laube??
    What have you used that blows you away?

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    Everyone will have their fav. I have an Andis 2 speed that is married to my clipper vac. I have had zero trouble out of them. My other fav is my Wahl Switchblade. I like the fact that they are variable speed and the switch is mounted on the rear. I tend to bump the on/off switch on the andis from time to time since its mounted on the side. The only thing I don't like about the switchbade is they are noisy when compared to the Andis.


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      i did use Double K cable drive for 7yrs and those things are THE BEST!!! but you need to get used to the cable.

      Otherwise ,did i mention LAUBE LOL


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        I too have the cable drive that I love but do not use them for everything because the clipper head wears out quickly and I am also constantly changing the levers. I have like three working motors without heads. I sent the heads back to get the bearing replaced but did not work right afterwards. A new head is 170 bucks which I consider ridiculous to pay for just the head so I have just waited until I find one on sale and buy the whole clipper, hence the reason I have so may extra working motors.I have the laube litenings variable speed that I kind of like but am not totally satisfied. They heat up quickly then seem to drag, I cut them off let them cool and they work fine again. Just sent them back to have them serviced still the same. I was wondering if the mini micros or other laubes would be more durable.I also had a problem with the wiring which my husband fixed right after I got them. After that was fixed I havent had any trouble with that.


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          If I could make a clipper

          I would make it last forever like Osters, but not be so heavy and wide, but narrower for my hand and then I would use an attachment for suction. I would also make them in bright colors like Laube did. Of course the price would be reasonable too. Oh, and the blades would be easy to change out. Then I'd make blades, especially #30s with teeth that never break. LOL


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            My Laube's are my fav!!!


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              Favourite clippers ever were back when I worked in the clinic over 20 years ago. Oster 1 speed ancient use em on the dogs, the horses, you name it. We had an identical set in surgery. Used both sets several times daily, abused the heck out of them and they never let me down.
              Fast forward 20 years and Cori is going to grooming school and needs tools, heads to the oster site and buys a starter kit. love the shears love the thinners, the whole kit is good. Six months later after being carefully looked after every day and having not one but 2 drives replaced the clippers just die. I phone Oster and I send them the clippers and they send me a new set...these last 3 months and I decide I suck. Another groomer in the salon buys the same set and ..... 2 months later hers are making this tremendous racket that cant be fixed. We call Oster together and they send us Oster we are talkin I think. The beginning is like a honeymoon, seriously. Goes through anything then its getting louder and hotter and hotter and louder. I decide that come tax return I will have them serviced completely and buy a set of Andis.

              Then my clippers roll off the side table last week and literally shatter. I figure fate has stepped in at this point. Hubby fronts me a new set of Andis. I have my pieces and will have the osters rebuilt as an offset.

              What I have noticed from all this? The osters were loud and heavy but will power through anything. The Andis are lighter and way way quieter but something isnt right. I don't know if they vibrate more? They hurt my hand so far...I hold like a pencil and I dunno different shape maybe...I will get used to them. My friend had a set of Laubes, heavy and got hot quickly. but I loved the colour, and they were little powerhouses.

              LOL what would I pick? I would pick 2 sets. Laube or Osters for heavy work and andis for easy work. The dogs..definately liking the quiet buzz of the Andis..except my maltese today but I think my Osters would have made the whole situation worse.

              yes I know I type a lot.


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                Laube Laube Laube. I never have any trouble with mine but I do service them monthly.