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? for those that have a master equipment hydraulic grooming table?

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  • ? for those that have a master equipment hydraulic grooming table?

    I've only had mine about 2 months...table works great but it always looks nasty...the way the top is made I can't get it clean...

    I clean it daily sometimes several times daily...use the 256 cleaner...use a rubber brush...then a bristle brush along with my shop vac...lots of paper towels...and even more elbow grease....but I can't get it clean... it looks ok wet but when it dries it looks like its never been cleaned

    any suggestions?

    its driving me crazy

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    replace the top?? only suggestion i got


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      Not sure what you mean

      But you should do 2 things:

      1. Know that you've cleaned it and let any splotchiness or whatever go, since cleaning doesn't make it look like you are thinking it should look.

      2. Don't resort to using bleach plus whatever cleaner!!!!!!! (Remembering your sore mucous membranes problem from breathing bleach mixed with other cleaner - hope you are much better now.)


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        i may end replacing the top its driving me crazy

        its not the cleaner...its the surface itself...its ribbed...great for traction but the tiny groves keep the hairs and I cant get em out...just wondered if anyone else has the same problem

        if it were feasible id bring in a pressure washer but then id have even a bigger mess...but at least the floor walls and ceilings would be easier to clean lol


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          I have one and mine looks nasty too! My neighbors bulldogs dogs are always muddy when I do them and got my table all muddy. I have scrubbed and scrubbed and there are still mud stains around the edges. Also, be careful with your white or light colored dogs. This table top will turn their fur black. I plan on replacing mine soon but in the mean time I usually keep mine covered with a towel.


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            I hate those bleeping table tops. The one I have at the home salon is that kind. I use an anti-fatigue mat on top instead.


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              I haven't seen these tables, but maybe you guys could just recover them. I made my first grooming table with 3/4" plywood. I was able to buy a length of ridged black rubber matting (sold by the foot) and the silver metal edging to go around the sides. I got both at Home Depot.


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                Compressed air maybe? (just a suggestion)