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  • Which trimmer?

    My trimmers are beginning to die, so before I invest in another pair, I would like some opinions. I now have a Bravura, but am considering a Moser or Laube Speed Feed. Would like to know opinions about these three choices, likes-dislikes, etc. Thanks!
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT

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    I prefer the way my Speed Feed would cut, but had lots of troubles with the trimmer itself. For ease of maintenance, battery life and power, my Bravura is amazing. The blade is not as forgiving for nicks, so I am extra careful with it. If I were ready to buy a new trimmer, I might go for that new Oster trimmer with variable speed and blade length that is like both above mentioned's a tough call : )


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      Speed feed here but havent tried any others


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        Wow, funny you should ask that one today! Definetly recommend the moser. The speed feed is fantastic in the beginning. I have two Laube's that are going to trash unless someone needs parts and or blades. If they are set on metal they are fried. My groomer also has a speed and within a few weeks started having trouble with hers as well. Turns out even setting near metals does something to the batteries and base. Usually I read instructions but apparently we both missed this one.