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    Ok, so until I can afford a nice expensive dryer like the k9s I'm going to go with something small that will just get drying done faster than a towel. I've been looking at the Andis Comfort Dry and the Andis Quiet Aire Ionic/Ceramic dryers in the Petedge magazine. They are pretty cheaply priced and seem to be decent dryers. Now the issue I have is I dont know if the Comfort Dry is actually better than the Quiet Aire, it says it puts the air out faster so drys faster, but is it a lot louder? I'd like a fairly quiet dryer, but I want one that drys fast. Right now I'm only grooming my dog and occasionally some family or friends dogs, but none of the dogs really care for the loud noise of even one of my clippers, though they don't freak out, they just don't like it. Air speed on the Comfort dry is 3,784 FPM and the Quiet Aire is only 673 FPM. Thanks for any info you can give.

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    If you want an inexpensive force dryer go to Harbor Freight and get their motorcylce dryer or their vac/blower. I have the latter and it works very similarly to a metro. I would say about 25,000 FPM and costs about $65. You can also go to Big Lots if you have any close by and see if they have a car vac or motorcycle dryer that looks like a black metro. I bought one there for about $40 and it worked the same way. I am unfamilliar with the dryers you mentioned, but I'm thinking they are the ones that look like human hair dryers???? If so, they work about the same from what I have been told, as a regular human hair dryer. I bought mine just to keep at home when I needed to dry my own dogs before I had my mobile.
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      Well I'm just looking for a dryer that I can get for Christmas to use for now, my family is limited on funds so thats why I'm going for the cheap ones for now, and I'd probably just use a human hair dryer, but I don't own one and I've heard somewhere that the pet dryers are better for the skin and such on animals, don't know if its true. Yes these ones look almost like human ones, they can stand on their own though or be handheld. Their on Like I said it will just be for my dog and a few friends and family members dogs for now. I just want to know if I should go for the $20 one or go for the one that is $35. I want to know if with the $35 being faster air output if its a lot louder than the other. I guess I'm kinda stuck on these two as like I said it'll be a Christmas present so can't be very much. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have to look into those when I can afford something more.


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        GLG has the andis ionic hand held and I used it on the puppies when I dried them. It took about 6 minutes per puppy.
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