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    Can you advise me how you go about having your dryers repaired? One of the switches on my Double K dryer is dying (only the high setting works now--and right before Xmas! Ughh!) I know one option is to mail it in to the company for repair, but that sounds time consuming. Another option would be to contact a man who services dryers, but he is mobile and charges a service fee. ..Are there any other options? I would love to know how you have or would handle this situation.

    Thank you!
    --Oh, and what about places who fix vacuums?

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    If the switch is ready and the season is busy and you cannot find a quick fix we have been there with another brand of dryer. It was going to take a week to get it fixed. So we went to an electrical store and got a on/off switch that plugged into the electrical receptacle on the wall and then we plugged the dryer into that. Then we left the dryer switch in the on position and turned it on and off on the wall switch temporarily.
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      When anything happens to any of my dryers I take my to a mom and pop vacuum place. They usually get it back to me in a couple days. They have saved me a few times but I'm not sure if all vacuum places can help.


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        Is it under warranty yet? My switch just went too,,,,wwwwaaaaaaawwwwww. Anyway, I contacted double k and they gave me a name of a local guy that services them. He told me the switches were easy to replace. If mine wasn't under warranty I would have my dad fix it. He is handy with fixing electrical stuff. If you know someone who could do it , that would save a lot. I am waiting until after christmas though to take mine in, the repair guy said he was really backed up.


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          Double switch

          One of our switches broke after about a year still under warranty.They won't send you a new switch you have to pay to ship it to a service center and then pay for it to come back.
          Won' by another Double K product.. Went to a local vacuum repair shop fixed it for a bath on thier Black Lab.