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Looking to buy a new tub.

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  • Looking to buy a new tub.

    I'm looking for a stainless steel tub. I will take any feed back. WHich one do you use? How is it holding up? How much did you spend?

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    I have 3 SS tubs from Direct Animal Products and I LOVE them. I have 2 of their 36" tubs with solid sides and 1 of their 59" tubs with the ramp for the big guys! To save money on shipping I ordered them before the Atlanta Pet Fair and picked them up there. That saved a ton in shipping cost, so if you are close to a trade show and you can time it that way thats what I would do.

    Have fun shopping!


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      This is one of the pieces of equipment you can't cut corners on.You get what you pay for. I put in a $400 tub when I opened my store, a year and a half later it was leaking like a sieve and needed to be replaced. I did a lot of research and finally decided on the Forever Stainless. EXPENSIVE, but worth every penny. It's indestructible and I love it.

      Stephen: Recently we saw some 50 year old stainless steel cage banks. WOW they have another 50 years left in them.


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        My groomer pal that recently opened home-based decided on a Forever as well. ALL, and I do mean ALL the bells and whistles. She absolutely loves it and would not change a thing.
        She uses a recirc, the tub has a built on "well" for that too. Price tag (sit down) $4500.00, but...she got free shipping because they had a special going on.
        As I recall..she got top-o-the-line everything.... I saw the modern marvel and paid appropriate homage.
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