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  • Table looks old

    I got my Edemco Elecpro table into my shop and out of the box today only to discover that parts of the table top are stained yellow. The top is the 'non-skid gray sprayed surface' but sections of the gray look stained. I am not sure what it is but it won't come off with normal cleaning products. I am highly disappointed after paying 1400.00 for it and having it look like someone else has been using it for a couple of years. It was obviously a big purchase for me and I can't help but feel jipped. My problem is that I ordered it from away and I imagine it will be a hassle to return it and then I am table-less. Does anyone know what this might be or what in the heck I can get it off with?

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    Call Edemco at 719-550-0500 and explain your problem. I had a problem with their dryer stand attachment to the table and they made good on my request for a new one. They sent me a new one, then I sent the old one back. I'm sure they will work with you.

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      I do not know what this is. I have it on my table, too. However, I bought mine used (at only 1 yr. of use). I had assunmed they original owners did something to it.

      Sorry you have this on a nice, brand new table...



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        I heard the quick stop will stain the table. Mine has it too, but I got it used too. I ended up buying one of those cushioned mats for standing on, the size of the table top, because some of my bigger dogs had the "ice skating" sensation on the hard table surface. I love the mat because it brushes off so easily, is really durable, and fixes the big dog issue.
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          I'm guessing it is a returned table and the stains are probably quik stop.
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            So do all of the Edemco tables have this top? And to those of you who have it are you happy with it?


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              Just as an update, Edemco suggested I try to take the stain off with lemon or lime didn't work for whatever is on my table but maybe for you guys who have kwik stop stains this may work? Just thought I would share.


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                At the shop where I learned grooming my table had realy bad quick stop stain on it. I spilled nail polish on my table and was using nail polish remover and it took the stains right off. It didn't seem to stay away but it looked nice for a while. I also use a mat on top my table. when it gets to stained I just get a new one.