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    I've been trying to find a hydrolic table pump replacement for a while now, and been getting the run around from all the companys. SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!
    Has anyone had to replace their pump? Where did you get it from? I have an Edemco table, about 2 years old. I have only been able to find a replacement for tables 2005 and older, and the price was like 220. I've seen brand new tables for like $300, Im debating if I should just get a new one. The problem is that I'm in Canada, and I have limited choices in companies without paying MAJOR importing fees and taxes in companies from the States. Any other canadian groomers have any suggestions for me? Im really hoping to get if fixed before Christmas, but looks like I'm running out of time!


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    Wow, that's scary. I bought a (edemco) table from the ring after Hershey 3 years ago. It is still fine.
    I talked to a rep. last Apr. at Intergroom just asking him about maintenance, (cause I never read the manual) and he told me where to grease it or something , I already forget. A few months age I was talking about it to a town mechanic and he said to let him know if it starts to act funky and he would take a look. Maybe you could get a local opinion for a lot employees have all kinds of hydrolic equiptment they have to maintain.
    Good luck!


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      Get on that company...

      Ask to speak to someone higher up. I had to replace two on practically new tables. I only had to pay the shipping...about 50 bones each. Still cheaper than a new table. For some reason the first ones where no good. I am still using the replacements and they have been great for 4-5 years now. I got nowhere with the company when I I had my dear husband call. IMHO men still get better service - women ask and men demand. Good luck.


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        Lorie - good advice, that was my first step, its competly dead! But that would have been the best route.

        Collie queen - oh yes, I agree. No one takes women seriously. I have been trying to talk to the highest person avalable, but no luck. GRRR!!! I don't know how some companies stay in business. I guess once they get the initial sale, they dont give a damn about you! My boss has been fighting with them for a YEAR! When they first began fighting, it was within warranty, but of course, now its not.

        Ended up calling Endemco, the pump should be here next week. Cost me about 200, and I'm in for a terrible surprise when its delivered with the Custom Fees!