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Little Poodle little groomer's helper

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  • Little Poodle little groomer's helper

    i groom a really little toy. She has a hard coat to get straight and it's thick, then add to it she has a rear set under her, front assembly is set wrong and my scissors are bigger then she is tall. Then add on to it she won't stand when I working on her front, so she gets propped up. I use a 5f on her chest even tho I scissor her all over, because she is a bit chubby and has a deep chest.

    One pic is with my helper and the other is her sitting by the helper.

    She's really cute but oh so hard to do. Nice temperament and give loads of kisses. Oh her name is Buttercup.
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    She is so cute! I had one that recently passed that looked just like her,short,short legs,cobby tiny body,heavy curly black coat. She took me ages to do,she was hard to scissor,cause there was no clearance between her tummy and the table. The poor little soul had a huge mammary tumour that became too painful and large,as she was not spayed till she got in her second home at age 8.
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      Does she live in a Habitrail? She's very cute.

      I have 2 I do that size, a Silver (from Rockville Paul) and an Apricot....thank gawd for Speed Feeds, microscopes and 5"'s like grooming mice, isn't it?

      I wish mine WERE chubby...they are featherweights, you know.... where you lift 1 tiny mouse-paw and the entire lil poodle-mouse tips over because you just a-skewed their balance?
      I don't think they weigh enough to even HAVE a center of gravity.

      Trade ya 2 for 1!
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        This is the tiny toy I do.. She is an every 2 weeker. She is currently growing into a different style.. Her mom used to make me shave high water poo feet and a #5 all over with #3 pom poms... (shaking head, and rolling eyes) anyway I'm trying to cuten her up a little after talking some sence into mom. This dog is very small and had terrible hair. Really hard to do, and I'm glad to not have to try to shave down her legs anymore!
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          Is that a Cappuccino with whipped crème and chocolate sprinkles? Take a sip, put it under the dog, take a sip, put it under the dog, take a sip……………. That’s actually a great tip to keep her standing !!

          Happy Mocha Drinking

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            Wow she is so tiny. She looks so cute. Good idea!


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              I did not even notice it was a coffee cup! Good idea!


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                LOL MANY years ago (I'm talking 20 yrs) in my parents salon, we would use unused paint cans under the dogs to keep them standing (at least for the dogs the were the right size). I am not sure if they are still used there lol I doubt it. I always wondered what the clients must have thought when they walked in to see a dog held up by a tin of paint lol.
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                  That coffee cup certainly gave me the giggles - and then I thought, "why didn't I think of that when I groomed an even tinier toy." I'll keep it in mind from now on. Thanks for sharing that pic.