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Shop groomers how many of you have some sort of backup generator

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  • Shop groomers how many of you have some sort of backup generator

    Someone ran into a power pole badly, took the pole almost down, should have been replaced probably years ago. 4 hours no power maybe 5. OK I am getting a portable one for backup. I would like it to serve my refrigerator and then in grooming my table, chargers for clippers, dryer HV and a couple light fixtures on stands.

    Any suggestion for wattage and a brand name? I use laptop and keep it charged. It can recharge without creating any significant load, same with my phone.

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    No generator. I’ve never been down long enough that I couldn’t make it up by working on my day off.
    We had a car hit a pole also. Back up and running the next day.
    For me, it’s not worth the expense and maintenance to have a generator on the off chance that “something might happen”.


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      I dont believe its necessary especially for a groom shop. Even if you lose power the crews work to get it restored quickly. A natural disaster, well, everything is out so no need to worry about a client getting a dog groomed after a hurricane or tornado.

      When I owned my shop, we lost power for a couple hours 1x in the five years i was there..

      If you really want the piece of mind, then look for a portable unit with wheels. Have several cords available. You probably need at least a 7 to 10,000 watt to be able to run a fridge, HV, lights and a few other items.

      The correct way to connect it to a building is having a electrician install a transfer switch so you run 1 cord to the building and then you control what you want power to by turning circuit breakers on and off.


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        I got one at a great price as we can have 2 or 3 outages a year. Some years clean, and then boom multiple issues especially with summer thunderstorms.

        I think mine is 3,500 watts. I have LED lamps to lower demand. I have a small mini fridge with modest load. I have used my driers on lower setting and if it is warm you may get away without using heat element. Remember you will be running extension cords so make a schematic of the plan. Store the gas safely.


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          We have one, and if we don't need it, we have needed it at our home. Get a portable one.


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            I keep one for my home. Only used 2 times but so glad then. I have a freezer of food and meats we buy by the side direct from a rancher. Best stuff would hate to lose it.


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              We just got a generator for this purpose. The season is approaching where we sometimes have outages. We had several last year, much windier than normal. I found supplies of generators lower this year so got one on sale.


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                I wish our place had one. LIghts were flickering the other day in wind.


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                  We had one for years, truly peace of mind.