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    Trying to strum up some new business at a veterinary clinic. I started from nothing just about a year ago. I am working three full days a week. I want to make it five full days a week. My boss wants to give back to the community. She decided to have a doggy wash on a Saturday morning. She is going to have $5 baths for anyone who wants to bring there pooch. The $5 is goign to go to the local shelter. So, I would like to do something that is going to bring people back to have a full groom done. I plan on doing free nail trims, and things of that nature. But I am looking for some really strong ideas that are going make people remember this animal hospital and return for the grooming. Anyone that has any ideas, please post some. I appreciate it. Thanks so much!


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    Sister, you better make it $20 with $15 going to the shelter! And you should have a couple of people (or more) helping you dry and washing towels. Ask the local paper to do a press release before hand and maybe a local news station. The can high light your experience, any associations you belong to and have a couple or three good customers to give testimonials about your grooming & how much the dogs love you. Afterward send out a mass e-mail to all customers thanking them for their help in raising $XX for the shelter and later in the year mention your success & hopes to do the same thing again next year.
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      $5 for a bath?

      Including Malamutes, Newfs and other El Monstro Hairies?


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        $5 isn't the price set in stone, but we are trying to do low cost to attract more people to bring in money for the shelter. Its giving back to society, it's not being done to make money. It's giving back!! I didn't set the price, the owner of the clinic did. Sorry!


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          I think it is a great community outreach thing. IMO $5 is way too cheap, $10 is better. I don't see how this is going to "drum up business" though. I mean, you certainly are not targeting grooming clients with $5-10 baths and free nail trims. No one I know is going to be drawn in for a $5 bath and then come back for a full groom at a substantially higher price. I think you are simply going to get a ton of back yard hair packed dogs that are potentially covered in paracites. I used to do tick dips and cheap baths for animal shelter fund raisers and really, you just don't draw what you would consider good clients.


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            A better fund raiser might be along the lines of a "pet fair" and adoption event. Do some "makeovers" for adoption pets at the event and that will get some good attention. Have the vet offer microchipping for $20 and donate the procedes to the shelter. Get various rescue groups to bring in pets for adoption and have them do some sort of a "game" for the spectators. Bean bag tosses, cake (biscuit) walks, etc. Can have a lot of fun with it and keep costs minimal. Events such as that tend to pull quality pet owners and will draw a lot of awareness for the clinic and grooming business and has a good shot at getting on the news if you promote it.


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              our vet does a rabies cllinic once per year for $7 per shot. I hand our business cards and do nail clips for $5 ( u can donate 1/2 to shelter and make people sign up their email too). These are the people i usually dont see again, they are just looking for the cheapest deal. but they will come back for a nail clip even if not for a groom. hey $5 is $5, right!? I would suggest a dog contest with some silly things like longest ears, etc. the ones who really love their dogs and want them to look good will show up. Do a best dressed, that always draws the high spenders lol. Give a free groom away and let everyone have a small prize. if you did the clinic and show together you are sure to get an eclectic (sp?) group.


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                I never posted this, but on this community outreach project. We raised $1,000 at $5 a dog, and yes, we had 2 newfy's come by, they were actually our first few customers. Many people gave more than the $5, it was a great turnout, and sooo much fun!!!