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  • which notes???

    I want to get one ....cant aford both right now so which one first notes from the grooming table or the pocket pal notes from the grooming table???

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    "notes" from the grooming table...the big one.....the pocket one is good also but very selective on breeds....


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      I would get the big one. I have both and the little one isn't as comprehensive. I actually don't use the little one.

      Another book to think about is Theory of Five. For every day dogs that book did more to help out. I know the Teddy Bear head (on Shih Tzus) is relatively simple but when I started out I couldn't figure it out. It wasn't until TofF that it finally clicked. Great to help simplify the Westie head too.
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        OMG! I have Notes and just bought the Theory of 5 at the Pasadena expo and had forgot all about it. I had gotton a jody murphy tote and had put all my papers, and information on products from the show in there and it has been sitting on my counter. I bought so much stuff I had forgotten about it. I'm so glad I read this post cause I don't know how long it would have taken me to remember, lol.


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          Theory of 5 help me out so much and I still use it everytime I do terriers.


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            Buy the large one first, but save up for the Theory of Five and the Pocket version. I keep the pocket on in my van, for quick reference and the others at home to study


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              Thats what I was thinking too.thanks guys!!!
              !I just bought 5 JM dvds and shears so Im a little tight this week to get all og them BUT I will get the pocket and t of 5 too !!!!


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                I'm a brusher/bather and my sis in law is teaching me grooming. I just bought Notes, the large book and I love it. I love that they really went into detail on the poodles.

                Thanks for the info on Theory of 5 I'll get that next.