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  • Japanese Style Grooming Books

    Anyone know where to purchase Japanese style grooming books or videos? They look really good, and would like to get some "thing that makes me stand out" in my area.

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    I'd like to know too, a long time ago someone posted some pics that were from korea, absolutely most adorable teddy bear cut i ever saw! even a link to some pics would be great.


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      If they make a book I want one! I fell in love with the look and I've been "mad scientest" experimenting on every dog that will let me do it. I'll have to post some pics of what I've done so far. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.


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        Going nuts for japanese style

        I'm a wannabe groomer, abt to start w/ JKL training and I want to become a pro at japanese grooming. I surf the net on a daily basis looking for info and so far nothing but some pics. I went to the Amazon site in Japan and couldn't find a thing either. I also looked for magazines...nothing. I have now contacted 2 persons in Japan and I will post any news or book references as soon as I get some.
        If YOU have a book even if it's in japanese, kindly post the ISBN number on this thread so we can all go and buy it.
        *****Let's all keep looking!*****


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          I'm in Japan

          I keep meaning to go into the Tsutya book store and see if they have any books or mooks (cross between magazine and book - crazy Japanese thing) about their grooming styles. I see all kinds of different looking styles coming out of the pet shops here. They charge top dollar for them too. One of my clients had been taking her Maltese to them and it was very very expensive. She couldn't afford to get him in there often enough and was very frustrated by the time she found me.

          Anywho....I'll stop in the book store over the weekend and see if I can find anything grooming related.


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            I think Windywaycavaliers (Chris) has found some stuff. Maybe do a search to see if anything comes up.
            What does a dog do on it's day off?


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              There is a website called They have several books listed ans international shipping is free =)

              ISBN: 4416708211 / 9784416708217
              ISBN: 4418081259 / 9784418081257
              ISBN: 4415102417 / 9784415102412
              ISBN: 9626413647 / 9789626413647
              ISBN: 4903518426 / 9784903518428

              Just a few I saw...Good Luck!


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                There are lots on amazons japanese site, its just a matter of finding them...lolol


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                  Go to the "Japanese Styling" thread. I listed the one I bought at a NYC Japanese bookstore. I'm still trying to get it translated.


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                    @ Erks: Thank you so much!!! You have made my day. I feel it's a great way for me to start grooming. Sure, I will learn the standard cuts but I have great hope that my future customers in The Netherlands will be up to it.
                    @ Everybody else: Thanks for looking. You are all great!