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New business what do you require customers to sign

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  • New business what do you require customers to sign

    Hi, I'm looking into starting my own grooming business. I worked at a corporation for several years and I know that we had general release forms and matted pet release forms but what kinds of forms do you require from your clients before you will groom their dogs. Also what shots do you require your clients to have before you will groom them and do you keep A paper copy of them on file or is the a computer program that you use or is there a descent program that won't break the bank that will work well for a groomer just starting out. I just want to make sure I am as covered as possible as I have seen so many times people come back and try to blame a groomer for something pre existing on a dog and that is part of what has kept me from going on my own until now.

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    From what I see on this board the book, problems to profits , is highly recommended reading for those starting out. Would suggest that as a starting place. It may also help guide you on things that you haven't even get considered


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      Just make sure it is adequate for your state. Most laws for business must follow state laws and fed law only covers limited things. I agree you can check barkleigh and From problems to profits, but ask for a quick legal review to see if it is up to snuff in your area.


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        I came up with forms for my clients to sign and had my attorney review it as part of my start-up fees I paid him for. I'm also just one person shop; I've been working for over 32 years in office type settings. I just use QuickBooks and for me that works perfectly. I'm able to keep track of my sales, my clients and at the end of the year just print off the forms for the accountant-no headaches.[emoji106]🏻[emoji6]

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          We did the one in from problem book after attorney review and he added some state law he suggested that we never knew about. I just posted in another thread. You cannot make people sign away your state consumer laws and your liabilities. Tricky.


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            A couple years ago I got some release forms for groomers and did have my lawyer check them and say they would never hold up to state law, so be careful with releases. We may be fooling ourselves. He did edit ours though to make it useful.


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              I highly suggest getting legal shield if you don't know a lawyer, I've had them for three years only paying about $17 a month,it's really helped me out especially with laws in my state. what i did was I wrote up a release form that was as inclusive as possible and sent it in and got some tips on what else could help. ( I have 24/7 access to an attourney) here's a link if you want to look in to it- . I can't offer much help myself not knowing where you're at and all the good stuff ... happy grooming!