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opening up a salon, want a good software program

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  • opening up a salon, want a good software program

    in a few weeks i am going to be opening up my own salon and be on my own and was wondering what a good software to use to do invoices and that. i tired the 123 pets demo but could not figure it out with all the tabs and still i want something simple and budget friendly, im ok with using a book to do my appointments

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    If you use Quickbooks for your accounting software, it will print invoices for you.


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      I used QuickBooks. Low-functional program. I did not fit.


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        Hello to all! I don’t know how much will be relevant. But maybe someone will come in handy. I have now started to open my own business. And for a long time I could not decide on the application / software that will become my assistant in business. As I wrote earlier, I consider QuickBooks to be a low-functional program. Now I started using ManageMart this software / application, it has many different accessible and understandable functions for working. I can recommend this program since I use it myself.


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          You can use even PayPal. No monthly fee. And you can send a PayPal me link by text to get money. Easy..
          A lot of pet software will do that but they charge monthly

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            We changed to Groomsoft and glad we did.


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              Tired of 123pet prices, looking for something else too.