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  • Whats software do you use?

    Since Ive only been doing this a short time, I still am not sure which software I should use to keep track of all my records. What do you all use? So much paperwork!!

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    For me, Microsoft Excel works just fine....I have the spreadsheet very detailed for my expenses, making sure everything is broken down into catagories....As far as the income goes, it's just 4 columns; Date, invoice #, Customer name and fee....If you want more details, send me a private message and I can email you the file, so you can see how it's setup...


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      I use 123 pets to book apppointments and Quickbooks for all other transactions.
      It takes me less than one hour a week to update all my tickets into quickbooks and pay my bills.
      The accountant loves it because I just send her a copy of quickbooks and she does all my taxes without anything else needed.


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        Quickbooks for financials, per my CPAs preference and MS Outlook on my PDA and my desktop for my scheduling and appointment files. Works great, syncs easily, and I can even have photos of the pets in their files.


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          123pet for me, I love it! Still discovering what it can do!


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            QuickBooks for finances, Plane Software's Kennel Suite for all client records, scheduling, etc. You can download a free copy to try it out- I LOVE it! ;-)