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what softwear do you use for grooming

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  • what softwear do you use for grooming

    I am looking into buying a program for my salon.I wanted to know whatever one else uses. How u like it? I am the only groomer looking into getting another one. thanks

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    I use 123Pet, my mom is the administrator of my shop and I had her try out the demo before making my decision although I already loved it! and she LOVES the program.

    it keep info on clients, how much they have spent, you can set up a point system, it keep all my inventory in check and reminds me of when I need to order something. It has an apointment book, and you can print out basically any report you need, and runs the finances. we are fanatic about it.

    here is the website:


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      i've just downloaded a trial of groomers write hand and 123pet. 123pet seems to be nicer and has lots of functionallity. groomers write hand is a simple program with very basic features. theres one called petlinx that i tried but for the cost and what it offers, i may go with the 123pet. if you do a search on these boards for grooming software or pet123, you'll find alot of post on it.


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        I use 123pet for the salon and Appointment plus for mobile.


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          Been using 123 for about 3 years. It even figures the taxes on payroll for my bather! If I can figure it out, anyone can. When I bought it I did the payment plan for about $20 (I think) a month.


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            I like Kennel Connection, but it is expensive. They always have some kind of sale going on though.


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              I tried 123pet, groomer's write hand, kennel connection and PetLinx. I like kennel connection the best and found it very easy to use. Lots groomers here are using 123pet but I didn't really like it when I was using it.