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  • software for mobile groomers

    I really would like to use a computerized system, but haven't been able to find one that meets my needs. The ones I checked out were great for being able to sort by breed and city which would help in scheduling, but from what I can see none of them have a way to look at a a span of time to schedule. In other words, I want to be able to look at a few weeks at a time. I need to be able to in order to book clients in the same town together. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    I use pet 123. But I have to book the new appts in my PDA under the claender part. you can't book with the software, that just shows you the next 14 days appts.
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      kennel connection is coming out with a mobile groomer module. it is in the works
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        SOMEBODY needs to come out with a decent mobile software. My least favorite part of my job is going through each client card and counting out how many weeks til there next appointment and then trying to come up with a my daily routes! It takes HOURS and I put off doing it until the last minute.
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          I use 123. It's not perfect, but I haven't found anything better yet. I would NEVER use cards again


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            I use 123 Pets along with a Franklin Planner. I jot down the name and number of dogs on the monthly calendar so at a glance I can see future appointments.


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              123 pet is the best

              i have a combination of 123 pet and my pda and a paper book
              here its how i do it
              i have all my info on my 123 pet and transfer my daily appointments and maps to my pda and take it with me on my truck, i have a binder with my next 6 weeks printed from my software screens i take info during the day on paper and transfer it to the computer on the night is more work but really works like a charm, i take with me on the pda the directions to the house and the history of what i did to the dog on my last visit, i love it, 123 is simple but has everything you need.


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                Scheduler for Mobile Groomers

                I am a mobile groomer and could not find any software that was suitable for me. My husband is an IT consultant and for the last three months has been developing scheduling software for me. He is in the process of making it available for other groomers.

                The great thing is, is that it has been designed specifically for us Mobile Groomers! Contact us on to see when it will be available.


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                  re mobile software

                  I am using microsoft access, and created a template with both front and back ends to do my scheduling.

                  Check out my other posts on this subject, don't forget the old board.

                  I believe that Kennel connection is using microsoft access as a back end and crystal reports as a front end.

                  I am willing to share my work if you are using microsoft access.



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                    kennel connection

                    I spoke to Kevin at Burbank, and he seemed much more receptive to mobile groomers than others in the past.

                    I think he is very interested in listening to our wants and needs as mobiles.

                    Since I use my own software based on microsoft access, I told him some of the things I have added to make my life and clients lifes eaiser when it comes to scheduling, including yearly scheduling and calendar output.

                    Others programmers that I have spoken to are more interested in shop software and feel that mobiles are not that big of a part of the grooming industry picture.


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                      I use 123 Pet as well, and just like someone had said previously, it's not perfect but I haven't found anything else that even comes close. I have it installed on my lap top and take my lap top with me in the van while I'm working. I went ahead and got the whole set up such as lap top mount (just like in your local police cars), which I have hooked up to a flat panel LCD monitor in the back of the van so I can access everything from back there as well as from the driver's seat. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse in the back of course. So multi tasking is a breeze!