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    Hello All!
    Thing are going great for our new Business.

    We've looked at several pet grooming software programs and feel that Quickbooks would be the best financial tracking software for us.

    However, we're not sure how to set it up yet.

    I know this is a Big Deal, but can anyone tell me if you're using Quickbooks and if you'd be open to discussing some tips on the phone.

    I'm very software savvy - just need to understand the concepts around QuickBooks.

    Thanks Much,

    Brittney and Nicole

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    Just to clarify. You are looking to use ONLY Quickbooks, or are you going to use groomer software package and EXPORT the data to Quickbooks? The latter is quite popular because Quickbooks doesn't have the same level of scheduling and management reporting customized to grooming. Thanks!!


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      I use quickbooks

      Just for my accounting, not for appointments, etc. like a pet software would do(I do that seperately on my own) and I love it. It was recommended to me by my accountant. There are people you can hire who specialize in quickbooks to set it up for you (my accountant did it for me) and I highly recommend doing that. It is very complicated at first to set up and to figure out how to use it, but once you have it set up and get some instruction it is really easy and very effective.


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        check out the website. They offer a couple of great classes online (about $85...I think) that cover Quick books really well. I had to learn them for my hubby's business. I use 123 Pet for my appointments and payroll and bookkeeping. I have a simple operation so I find 123 Pet to be perfect for my bookkeeping needs although it can be downloaded into Quick books.


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          I used Quickbooks for my scrapbooking business. I never took a class and managed just fine. I am sure that if I took a class it would have been easier then fumbling on my own tho! Anyway....check to see if there is a local SCORE office in your area. They often have classes at a reasonable rate and the ones in my area were really good. I know I saw one for Quickbooks that I was thinking of taking but I think I missed it.