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  • Free Online Scheduling

    In case anyone was wondering I was able to find a free online appointment scheduler (through the recommendation of another groomer on this site - Thank You!). I've been able to do block scheduling and more. Check out for info.

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    Free online appointment scheduling

    Genbook cost up to 39 dollar a month... I recommend using Servemehere which is totally free and not set up cost for pet groomers


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      Yep I've been using genbook for a while now. I love it. Works great for my mobile. The free part is for 4wks out. I found I needed more for the 6,7,8wk clients. They were having a special around the new yr so I am paying $14.95 a month to have a year schedule available to clients to book. I have a few clients booking through it so it pays for itself. I can go in & put in client info that call or book when I take the dog back to the clients house. It will also do email reminders to ones that need it when you enter in the clients email address. The email reminders are actually good, even if the client needs to cancel etc they tend to do it ahead of time rather then the day off which is so annoying.

      The Soapy Puppy