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    All I would like to do is be able to set up my clients (contacts) then drag and drop them into appointment slots on my calendar. Basicly I would like me "at a glace apppointment book" to be in my netbook. I have tried outlook, google and yahoo and cannot drag and drop contacts. Anyone know a software that will do this?
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    This might not be what you want. I found . My mobile clients can book online if they want & I get an email telling me I have a new appt. I also put in every client appt. I still use a paper calendar notebook for on the road or when clients call but I make sure both are the same. It sets things up nicely. For mobile I like it because it sets things by time so I can see how long it will take to get the dog done & still make it to the next appt. I can block out times so I can have travel time etc. The only thing I haven't figured out is clients that was recurring appts. I will have to ask them about that.

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      there are several free programs out on the internet. If you google free appointment booking software you might come up with more than I found. Here is one that I am looking into at this time. It caters to hair salons so it should work for grooming as well.


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        At one of the seminars in Pasadena the program called was said to be good.


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 is free at the 4wk mark. So if you are ok with having 1 month available for your clients to book in that is fine. Some of my clients wanted to book 6wks out & it was annoying to her to have to wait 2wks before booking the date she wanted so I now pay the $14 something a month to have the whole year for a client to book if they want to. They had a deal in Dec where the first month was free. At first I just had the one client booking online but now I've had 5 I think so its paying for itself now. On my website I ask that new clients call me to book their first appt, reg clients are welcome to book online since I need more info being mobile. I have it set so clients have to book 2 days out that way if their is any scheduling issues like maybe I booked someone over the phone & hadn't been home yet to put the appt on genbook yet so I have time to fix it. I love it. It breaks down the times so I don't over book myself & I can book a little tighter schedule then I was just on paper.

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            I'm pretty happy with, as celebpet posted. Its simple, and although it doesn't have a specific listing for grooming, or a client list that allows you to enter pets. (instead you can enter the client's name then in the notes, you can add the pets name, breed and what you usually do and any problems you have with the pet or the client.

            The best part, its absolutely free, and you can even send text messages to your clients to remind them of appointments and its just all around easy to use.


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              I just started using Appointment Plus!!! I LOVE IT! it even sets up for mobile groomers, has pet information etc. I an set up recurring appts for a year, i can text clients etc.... I LOVE IT
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