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  • 123pet Service Set up question

    Ok so I rebought the new 123Pet.....
    I like it, but I want some advice on how some of you set up the did you seperate catagories by size and then do a coat lenght etc. I know how to navigate and imput, just want to know how to make it easier for making tickets easy for clients to understand and for me to imput

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    what we did if made a cat. for addons, bath, grooms. then had like Shih Tzu Bth, for bath Shih Tzu Grm for groom


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      Well we actually have a lot of services from bath x-small to bath x-large


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        see i was thinking
        ssc-small smooth coat
        smc-small medium coat
        sdc-small double coat
        slc-small long coat
        smc-small matted coat (this one I am debating changing so I can just add a matting surcharge)

        I have been a groomer for 21 years and just 'know' my prices....I know it is better to have them in the computer so I just want to know how to seperate.....I am not sure if I want to go to the extreme of doing it by breed and adjusting for a large shih tzu etc....
        whaddyall think :P


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          Separate by pet size and coat length/type.
          Add dematting as a separate charge per 15 minutes (make that charge a hefty one, you are worth it)

          Don't even think of trying to charge by breed. You will have a large, unwieldy database if you do.

          Have 123Pet keep track of your tips as well. We take the total sales INCLUDING tips, then subtract the tips from total sales at the end of the month. It makes it much easier at tax time. Even if you are a sole proprietor, you MUST declare your tips as miscellaneous income.
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            I always declare my tips and my debit machine makes it easy because it allows the client to input it and it notes it separately on the receipts so easier to track. I ran my business for many years by hand but for the last few I have been using a pda and online booking (free on and used to use I am trying to integrate all things together....lots of work and I would like to have it all up and running by Feb 1st. So much inputting LOL


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              I keep it simple, FG = Full Groom; BB = Bath/Brush; NT = Nail Trim, etc. For items like a nail trim, we have a set price, so I put that in to automatically come up. But for the FG and BB I keep the price 00 and adjust it for each customer. I consider that the base charge and then I have EGT (Extra Groom Time) and ED (Extra Dematting) so I can up the price if need be for those services. That way on the ticket it shows the owner what the price would be if they kept fido brushed. Hope that helps.


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                I use sd (small dog), md (med. dog) or ld (large dog). I always go to "Previous Services" and read the history, then I update my note under the "Description" the ticket for today. I change the prices if necessary. If I open a ticket and it says "Small Dog Groom" I know I haven't looked at the history yet. I'll do that if I'm adding an appointment quickly. then I'll type in the actual blades/notes.


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                  This is what I do. I have GRM40, GRM50.. etc for Grooming costing $40, grooming costing $50 and so on. Same for baths, BATH30, BATH40.... Then in the notes I update the actual haircut.

                  I also have the add ons, like MATT for dematting, NAIL for nail trim. You can change the price on each ticket if you charge $5 for dematting for one dog or $10 on another.