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    i am thinking about buying avalon from kennelsoft, if you use it do you like it? pros and cons?

    i have experience with kennelsoft from a kennel i used to work at, and always thought it was pretty easy to navigate.

    i have used kennel connection and i don't like how you have to open and close different windows when adding new clients and such. i do not have experience with 123 pet, but it looks like you get a pretty small package for the $199 price. right now i groom alone, but may add employees in the future. i would like to be able to schedule out recurring appnts easily, and it would be great to track clients that have not been in recently, so i can send reminders.

    any thoughts???

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    I love Kennelsoft software! I used it 5 or 6 years ago so whatever model they had back then is what I used. I still think its one of the easiest and best programs out there. If I were to open a store in the future that is the program I'd look into.


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      I have been using kennelsoft for years, I need to upgrade. mine is a DOS program and I never used it to it's full potential. it would be nice to have client pics in their files. I am willing to start looking at alternatives.


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        I'm not familar with kennel soft. I have 123 pet and just got the basic package for 199. My issue is my software for some reason has a few snags. Not all the time , but once in a while i try to open the software and says it cannot find database, then I have to close and reopen, or sometimes it doesn't recgonize my printer and I have to restart the program.A friend of mine has 123 pet and she never has a problem with hers.
        I was also the only groomer and decided to hire a bather. The software only works with 2 employees. I like to keep track of what I do so I put myself and my bather in the computer. The payroll is real easy to use too. However, I recently hired a part time groomer and inquired about upgrading 123 pet. It would be another 150-199 to upgrade just for me to have another employee. I didn't think it was worth it to me. I have quick books and figured I would try to figure out that and put my employees in that.
        Hope this helps!


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          the price of 123 pet was appealing, but when i realized that you would need to upgrade for more groomers, or buy a bigger package i though i might like kennelsoft better. the initial cost is more but it seems like it is worth it for what i want to do.

          didn't buy anything yet but i hope to in the next month or so, i think i will download a trial and check it out.