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Laptop computers and grooming software

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  • Laptop computers and grooming software

    I am getting a laptop and am wondering what you guys might use and if you use one of the softwares for grooming what do you use and like about it. I have never had a laptop and don't know to much about them. i am mobile and would like to have all of the info at hand when needed.

    Stephen: Instead of using a telephone dialup or DSL in your house you might want to get wireless Internet access. I did that finally and wherever you can use a cell phone you can also get your Internet through the laptop. It's been so handy to connect anytime, anywhere just about, including at home but I can go out on the property and take the laptop with me and connect.
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    When I got my laptop I thought I was going to do the same thing I got the free trial version of 123 pet software and I like it ok. I like how you can put a before and after pic of the dog. And if you are going to be online and get wireless mobile internet, you can even get them to add online booking to it. So your clients can book their appointments online with out even having to call you.


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      I bought a laptop and use the Pet123 program in it with no problems. I love it.


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        Laptop Power

        Laptops today can be more far more powerful than computers of a year or two ago.

        We now run ALL of our office, web publishing, accounting, Office, Photoshop everything on laptops. We can simply plug in a large computer LCD 24" inch screen for working at a desk in the office, and use the laptop screen on the road. With wireless "air" card I publish to, read the message board, while sitting in traffic. If I get an accounting question about someone's account, I can search it anytime anywhere while at dinner or shopping now. When I need a break from the desk even during the workday I can take the wireless air laptop out on the acreage and work in the garden connected to the Internet. Pretty cool. Mobile groomers can do the same if you don't rely on a cable DSL or someone else wireless hotspot, so you can be on the road and checkin anytime with this board.

        Some mobilers I know that use air cards on wireless laptops run their appt program system along with email and since they are in a 24/7 hotspot they more easily manage their online appt scheduling program.
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          I have 123Pet as well. There's some things I would tweak for my own uses, but I realize a bazillion other people may not like it my way. The customer service so far has been great for me, plus they've been so professional everytime I've dealt with them. There's soooo much to the program that I've barely begun to scrape the surface and I've been using it for 3 months.
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            I'm starting the 123 pet, just finding the time to input my clients first before I bring it in the salon and put it to use.
            With my carpel tunnel, typing hurts! At least when it's prolonged like entering hundreds of clients.
            I think it's going to be great though!

            Stephen, what is an 'air card'?