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  • Grooming software?

    Hey guys,
    Im going to be buying a software system and was wondering if ya'll had any advice?
    Ive read the posts about 123Pet, has anyone used anything else? Pros? cons?

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    I use KennelSuite basic. I was already familiar with it from working at corp, so I think that is why I decided to go with it. I downloaded free trials on a few of the other softwares and I just couldn't get the hang of it, didn't like how bright the colors were or whatever reason I had...I can't even remember now which ones I downloaded.

    It lets me put in my own prices for grooming, boarding (which I dont do). I can do prices by breed or I can save prices by client. I can add in my own add-on services and prices, retail items and prices. Photos, vets. I can look up financial reports, breed counts, top spenders, revenue by breed, location or size of dogs. Daily reports, schedule reservations, check dogs in and out...all kinds of stuff. With the version I have, it is just for a 1 person shop and it is fine for what I use/need it for. They have 2 other versions where you can add other groomers, asssign grooms to those groomers and do payroll and such.

    The only thing I don't really like with the KS is with the reminders. Say I want to send reminders for dogs who havent been in for 4 weeks. I can get the names and addys to print the labels, but then when I go to do the same thing the following week, I still get those same customers I printed out the week before. Does that make sense? I wish there was a way the program would know those people were already sent reminders so I dont have to waste another label. Or even a way where I could pick and choose who I want to send reminders to.

    I would figure out what programs are out there, go to their website and download the free trial to see if you like it or not, then decide from there.


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      123 or kennel connection

      i downloaded both 123 and kennel connection and am trying to decide between them. do any of you guys use the software only, besides pda or palm? wonder if kennel connection can be transfered to pda? i am leaning more towards kennel connection though, i just started typing stuff in and it seems easier to *use* than 123. do any of you use kennel connection?


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        I use MS Access. Most of the pda's I looked at can't handle it. Most pda software strips out the everything except the tables. Even then they weren't designed to handle more than a few tables. I downloaded and active synced, programmed with no real success. I returned the pda.


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          I use 123 pet and love it and it downloads to a Microsoft based PDA using a free program called data-on-the-run.


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            I use Groomers Write Hand. I tried the pet 123, and Kennelsoft. They are both great systems, but I found them to be to indepth for my little business. Groomers Write Hand is as simple or as complex as you want to make it....believe me I keep it simple!!
            SheilaB from SC